Record Keeping with Homeschool Minder

Homeschool Minder is a record keeping (web-based) software for homeschool teachers.  It is intuitive and interactive as it tracks grades, achievements, skills learned, lesson plans, assignments, and your calendar.  If it involves homeschooling it goes in Homeschool Minder.  Yes, you can input field trips.  Yes, you can input appointments.  Oh yes, even days at co-op.  It is the only record keeping system you will need.  Really…it is that exhaustive. You may be overwhelmed at first but navigation is easy and bypassing anything you don’t feel you need is simple and won’t get in your way.  If you state requires attendance or you submit a portfolio a record keeping system is essential.  You will not find one as streamlined and exhaustive as Homeschool Minder.

The calendar is easy to use and is a lifesaver for keeping attendance and keeping up with a busy homeschool life.  Here you add in appointments, assignments, chores, skills, and field trips.  You even have the ability to drag and drop.  Who doesn’t love drag and drop?  I always feel so modern and techy when I drag and drop.  Don’t forget to add chores!  Yes, that’s right, no more chore charts.

Grade Book

If you keep track of grades or GPA then the grade book will make it a breeze.  You pick your own grading scale, add in the grades, and Homeschool Minder does the rest.

My Thoughts About Homeschool Minder

While I crave organization, it is very hard for me to keep up with it.  The result is half used or unused lesson plan books and a frustrated mom.  I had little hope that Homeschool Minder would help me.  I knew it was a great product but would it actually work for ME?  Well, let’s be honest, nothing works unless you use it.  So, it becomes a question of how easy is it to use. Since I can access it on my computer, which I access daily, so it wins the proximity battle.  It is easy to navigate making practical use simple, so now, half the battle is won.  Seriously, I am so pathetic that grabbing a pen and datebook only happens a few time a week…if that.  Oh how I LOVE lesson plan books and datebooks but I use them in spurts.  With Homeschool Minder, I can sit and input all my children’s information, lessons, field trips, etc. for the whole year, from my computer. Of course you have to go back and add things in as the year goes on but my entire plan can be inputted right away.  Since everything from grades to chores goes in ONE place it simplifies my life and begs to be seen.  It clears my desk and my mind. Now, I can’t even use the excuse that the dog ate my datebook since it is a web-based program.