Redefining Rainy Day Fun

Many people think about indoor activities like reading, doing crafts, watching movies, or baking whenever they hear the words “rainy day fun”. Tuesday was a rainy day here, but we just were not having much fun indoors. There are plenty of fun things to do indoors at our house. We have blocks, a workbench with tools, tons of toy vehicles, stuffed animals, inflatable blue dogs that you can sit on and bounce around the living room, art supplies, books, movies, and more.

However, even though it has officially been springtime for almost a month, the weather here has been cold and even snowy with a few nice days scattered amongst the days where we spent most of our time inside. Even though there are lots of fun things to do inside of our house, my boys really love to be outside and I do too. On Tuesday, we decided that “rainy day fun” would happen outside.

We put on warm clothes and boots and went out for quite some time. The boys splashed in puddles in the driveway and experimented with walking and running on slippery wet grass. Dylan had fun using his shovel to chip away at the remnants of snow piles in the driveway and on the deck. He pretended that he was a stonecutter, using hand tools to chip pieces off of a giant rock so that a customer (me) could take them home and build a stone wall. Blake took every opportunity to practice walking on uneven surfaces (the yard) and climbing (the stairs to the deck).

The rain was light at times, and moderately heavy at others. Dylan and Blake did not seem to notice that they were getting wet – they were too busy playing. Since I was right out there with them, I got wet too. At times I was aware of it, but at other times I was too busy watching my happy, energetic, curious little guys to notice the rain. If you are experiencing a stretch of wet weather and you and your little ones have had enough of being indoors, why not put on some rain coats and boots and have a little rainy day fun outside.