Revamp Your Furniture

You’ve heard the saying, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well, what if it is broke or is simply no longer working for you? If you have a piece of furniture that just doesn’t do it for you anymore, and you’re planning to trash it, why not try a revamp first? It couldn’t hurt, since the piece was headed for the curb anyway, so you have nothing to lose.

Give an older piece an update by changing it’s style or scale. Cut a sofa down the middle, removing a foot or two from it’s length then put it back together as a love seat. Recover it with a cool new fabric, and no one will know it’s the same piece.

Another idea is to remove the arms from a piece and maybe cut down the back of it. For example, if you are so over the country look and want something more updated, remove the arms and the curve from the back of the piece. Tear off the skirt around the bottom edge and recover the piece. Sew cushions together and cover them as if they were one piece for a more streamlined appearance.

Maybe you want something unique. Cut off one arm off the couch and make a great chaise lounge. Be sure to brace that end to make sure the piece is still sturdy. If you’re looking for something funky and whimsical, cover your chaise in a bold print, color, or texture.

Tables can also be transformed with just a little work. Take two end tables, cut the legs down to the appropriate height, and push them together to form a coffee table. Add shelving to a console table or sofa table to display accessories, or you might also want to add light doors to create hidden storage. Sturdy tables can also be cut down and made into benches for the hallway or the end of the bed.