Save Money When Drying Your Clothes

Did you know that there are ways to make your clothes dryer run more efficiently? If you can make a few changes in how you do your laundry you will save money each time you dry a load of clothing. Here are a few tips you might like to try:

Locate your dryer in a heated space. Depending on the climate that you live in, this could mean keeping the either inside or outside of the main part of your home. In a warm climate, a garage is a great place for your clothes dryer. The same space would get too cool in other climates. Changing where your dryer is located can not only help your dryer run more efficiently, but it will also save money on heating or cooling costs. It can be a lot of work relocating your dryer, but it could be well worth it.

Dry more than one load of laundry in a row. The dryer retains some heat after each use. Take advantage of it.

Make sure the dryer is vented correctly. Periodically check the outside vent for lint clogs. Never vent a dryer into a wall or inside a house, as this not only makes the dryer work harder, it is a fire hazard.

Dry similar types of clothes together. Try drying clothes of similar fabrics at the same time. Lightweight clothes will dry a lot faster if they are separated from heavier weight fabric.

Try an extra spin cycle. Especially for heavy clothes like jeans, try setting your washer for an extra spin cycle. Get even more water out before you place the clothes into the dryer.

And of course, the best money-saving tip…Hang your clothes!Take advantage of the warm air and hang your clothes out to dry in the sunshine. In the winter months you may choose to hang your clothes indoors in a warm room, such as the garage or basement.