Save Money With Discarded Pantyhose

Every woman has a collection of pantyhose. And I am almost willing to bet at least one pair in your stash should have already been thrown away due to holes in the feet or toes, or a nice long run down the leg.

Pantyhose that has a run in it, can be worn again underneath pants, or a very long skirt. But more than likely, it should be just thrown away.

Don’t do it! Again, resist the temptation to simply toss the old pair. There are a couple of ways you can breathe new life into those stockings and use them for something better!


Yes, pantyhose can keep onions fresh for as long as many months! Cut a leg from your pantyhose, and then make a cut through the toes. Tie the two sides that you cut by the toes in a bow. Drop an onion into the stocking and tie the area around it with a piece of string. (It will look a little like a pearl necklace or sausage roll). Drop another onion in after you’ve tied the string. Repeat the string tying and then repeat the whole process until all onions are added or you run out of pantyhose to use. Hang it inside your pantry or in another clean, dry place. This allows the air to circulate around the onions aiding in preservation. When you need an onion just untie the bottom bow. You can reuse the pantyhose several times.

Get Rid Of Moths

If you have a moth problem in you closets, purchase an inexpensive bag of pet bedding (cedar shavings). Stuff the cedar chips into a cut pantyhose leg. Tie the top with string and hang in the closet. (you can make several and put them all over).

Vacuum Cleaner

This has to be my favorite tip ever! Have you ever dropped an earring? Or a bead or something equally as tiny and not been able to locate it? Just take your vacuum cleaners attachment and slip it into the leg of a pair of pantyhose. Secure. Then go over the floor with the attachment piece and the vacuum until it sucks it. It won’t get swallowed up in the cleaner because the pantyhose are acting as a strainer! This really works!

Keep Your Shoes Clean

You can buff your shoes, or just about any other surface by using a pair of pantyhose. Slip your hand into the leg and run your hand on the surface you want to shine. This works well for dusting too! Just be sure and rinse your hands afterwards.

Tie It Up

Use the cut-off leg of pantyhose to tie things together. Newspaper for recycling, trash bags, carpet rolls, towels, etc.

Bug Jar Lid

Another one of those great tips I’ve used and love. Cut the foot and ankle area off a pair of pantyhose. Slip it over the top of a bug jar and either use a rubber band or string to hold it in place. The bugs can breathe and your child can still see inside!

What else can you think of?

Nicole Humphrey writes articles for the Scrapbooking Blog and for the Frugal Blog. She also guest blogs on a variety of topics. You can read more of her articles by clicking here.

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