Save on Work Related Costs

work related expensesYou may be spending some of the money you are earning at your job for work related costs. Cut down on these expenses, so the amount you save from your take home pay is at its maximum level. Here are three easy ways to cut down on the cost of going to work.

Cut Down on Commuting

Find ways to cut down on the cost of commuting. If you drive, find out if any of your co-workers would be willing or able to carpool with you. Everyone will save. For public transportation, look into buying weekly or monthly passes, which should be discounted. For any way that you get to work, ask your boss about the option to telecommute one or more days per week.


To cut down on the expenses of work clothes, make sure to purchase easy care fabrics if you can, so you can eliminate some of the dry cleaning costs. You can also extend the time between cleanings by taking good care of your clothing, such as hanging it up immediately when you get home, wearing washable layers underneath, and brushing suit jackets.

To reduce wardrobe costs overall, shop for classic pieces at a consignment shop. Most consignment shops only offer current styles in good condition. Even if you have to make some alterations on consignment clothing, you will still probably save at least 50 percent compared to buying new.

Lunch and Snacks

You’ll get your biggest long-term savings when you pack your own lunch and snacks, and if applicable, make your own coffee. Make your lunch the night before, if the morning is too hectic, or stock your desk with easy to heat and easy to eat food, such as soup, instant oatmeal, granola bars and dried fruit to give you an arsenal of healthy, inexpensive snacks.

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