Saving Up Winter’s Bounty

We don’t often think of winter and bounty in the same thought, but there is plenty of winter bounty, if you know where to look. Make sure you gather and store your extra blessings now to help you get through the rest of the year.

Gift Cards

A bounty of gift cards may fall in your lap as presents from friends and family, as well as promotions and thank you gifts from local businesses. It is also true that gift cards are easy to misplace or forget about. Keep all of your gift cards together (I used a small box labeled “free money”) and use them strategically throughout the year.

Gift cards can really come in hand for the necessities, from groceries to clothing for the kids. They can really reduce your monthly expenses if you use these gift cards strategically.


Holiday memories can never be replaced. Take time to really enjoy the moments and store them up in your mind. Photos are nice to have, of course, but also really pay attention to special moments. Note the smells, and sounds and the feelings of special moments.

When you take that time to be in the moment, you are more likely to recall it in detail.  You can also  try to take the time to jot them down in a journal. Later, refer back to these memories all through the year and beyond.

Good Food

Don’t let all of the winter’s bounty of good food go to waste. Stock up on seasonal items, such as turkey, ham, canned items, baking supplies and other goodies that are available and on sale. Store and freeze them now, so you can enjoy good things throughout the rest of the winter and into the spring.

Dry orange and apple peels for homemade potpourri for a scented reminder of good things.

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