School Supply Favorite: Apple Wireless Keyboard

Apple Wireless Keyboard:  My New iLove Obsession

I purchased an iPad for my homeschool about a year ago. I cannot say enough amazing things about it and neither can my children. I bring it everywhere making every drive, waiting room, or park a classroom. We also conduct school on our porch and backyard. My smaller kids use apps most of the time and hardly noticed the need for a keyboard. Yet, my older kids and I often found ourselves wishing the iPad came with a small keyboard. I tried to fill the need by purchasing a case that had a keyboard attached. The keyboard was cheap plastic with sticky keys. The size was too big and too small at the same time. I am quite certain this is now Thumbelina would feel if someone handed her a cell phone and told her to text. I restrained myself throwing it in the street and calmly returned it to the store. My genuis husband told me about the Apple Wireless Keyboard. I reminded him that I had an iPad not a Mac desktop. The look on his face reminded me why I defer to him when it comes to technology. Once again, my husband was right. The keyboard is the perfect size and construction. It is lightweight and portable. It connects in seconds via Bluetooth. My teenage daughter now prefers to use the iPad with the keyboard. If truth be do I. Not only does it make typing easier, but you can set your iPad up on a table and sit on your couch and type. The keyboard gave me the ability to set up the iPad for my 8 year old to see while I typed and controlled the screen during a lesson. I felt so techy and smart. It’s iLove.