Schools, Scams, and Studies

calendar This week, the Special Needs blog had a wide variety of topics discussed in the blogs that appeared. More than one covers concepts related to Special Education. There is a new study about autism, a scam to be aware of, and more! Here is a quick review of the blogs you may have missed.

Support Hotline for Parents of Children With Special Needs
In California, a support hotline is being run by parents of children who have special needs. The hope is that this resource will be used by parents of kids who have special needs who have become completely overwhelmed by how much their child requires. It is hoped that the hotline will help parents who cannot leave home to attend a support group, and that this will prevent tragedies from occurring.

Another Study Finds Children of Older Fathers at Increased Risk of Autism
There has been another study that found that older fathers are more likely to produce offspring who have autism than younger fathers are. The risk of autism is not something that is dependent upon the age of the mother.

Parents Share Stories of Choosing Schools for Their Kids
How did you decide what school was best for your child? NPR released an episode of “Tell Me More” where parents of children who have special needs share how they decided where their child would go to school.

Interactive Metronome Could Help Symptoms of ADHD
A company in California has created an Interactive Metronome. It is supposed to help kids who have ADHD to improve their coordination, and, at the same time, improve their ability to concentrate. Some parents who have concerns about ADHD medications might want to learn more about this new idea.

Illinois Attorney General Says Animals for Autism is a Scam
The Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, says that Animals for Autism is not a charity – it is a scam. The woman running it was taking the money of parents who hoped to receive a service dog for their children who had autism. There were no service dogs sent to the parents who paid for them.

Parents of Kids With Special Needs in Texas Leaving Public Schools
A growing number of parents in Texas are so frustrated with the inability of Texas public schools to provide for their children’s special needs that they have pulled their kids out of the public school system entirely. Instead, they are paying for expensive private schools or homeschooling.

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