Adding Soft Touches

Not all of your scrapbook layouts need to be big and bold in order to attract attention. Often, soft, subtle touches can make your page designs extra appealing. I learned this lesson the hard way a few years ago when I shunned an offer to use vellum on a layout I was creating at a summer cropping session. Back then, I viewed vellum as a cover for mistakes. Little did I know that the material is an excellent resource for softening the look of individual embellishments or an entire page. Vellum can be used to mat photos or place over … Continue reading

End of Summer Layouts

Now that summer is coming to an end, it’s time to go through all of the masterpieces your mini Picasso made for you in the last three months. Whether she crafted them at sleepaway camp or during an afternoon workshop, you’ll want to preserve the special works of art. Scrapbooks are ideal vehicles to show off your child’s precious artwork and the end of summer is one of the best times to craft a memory album. The weeks before kids head back to school is perfect for sorting through what’s worth keeping and displaying and what is really better off … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Your Summer Adventures

What’s been the highlight of your summer so far? For my daughter, it’s been boogie boarding; for my friend’s son, it’s been attending band camp; and for my neighbor, the highlight has been her annual trip to Mexico. All three events are scrapbook worthy, as is just about any adventure you may experience this summer. The trick to crafting an eye-popping series of layouts that showcase your summer memories to the fullest is to plan ahead. For starters, you’ll want to snap a ton of photos of your seasonal escapades. Next, you’ll want to collect as many mementos as possible … Continue reading

Benefits of Planning Ahead

Avid scrappers know that some layouts are a breeze to create while others can take hours to complete. However, it’s not always the execution that plagues us. Sure, an elaborate page design featuring advanced techniques, a myriad of mementos, a plethora of photos and mountains of embellishments can be a time consuming exercise, but a basic layout can also take a ton of time if you lack vision for the end result. In order to expedite the process there are some simple shortcuts you can employ. For example, by printing pictures with white borders you can eliminate the need to … Continue reading

Planning Ahead

Easter is barely in the rear-view mirror and stores are already erecting displays with merchandise for Mother’s Day and school graduations. I’m not even done eating my daughter’s chocolate bunnies yet. Still, if you are planning to scrapbook events such as your child’s high school or college commencement, now is the time to start planning, especially if you want to save money on materials. For example, many places, including my local scrapbook supply shop, are currently running clearance sales on Easter embellishments. This is a great time to stock up on paper featuring your child’s school colors, especially if his … Continue reading

Sticky Situation

You can design the most incredibly unique layout known to man, but if you can’t get it to stick on your scrapbook page, then all your hard work means nothing. Finding the perfect adhesive to show-off your pretty page designs is essential. After all, you don’t want a sagging memento or slipping photo to ruin your layout. Fortunately, there are a number of different adhesives on the market that are designed specifically for scrapbooks. Among the most popular are: Mounting film: This double-sided adhesive comes in sheets and is safe to use with photos and other archival materials. Typically, the … Continue reading

Personal Touches

One of the most touching layouts in my wedding scrapbook is a double page design filled with original poems written by family and friends. Granted, several of my family members are professional writers and a good chunk of my friends have careers in journalism, but you don’t have to be schooled in the world of prose in order to add a personal touch to a scrapbook page. Heck, you don’t even have to be proficient in rhyming in order to pen a poem that will make an impact on someone’s life. One of the easiest ways to spice up an … Continue reading

Bulk is Better

Buying scrapbook supplies in bulk is one way some crafters save money on what can really add up to be an expensive hobby. If you tend to scrap a lot or you want to make money on the side selling extra materials, then you might consider tapping into the wholesale market. In nearly all cases, a wholesale supplier will give you a discount on your bulk order, and then you can make money by repackaging the items and selling them to other scrapbookers. The idea may sound great at first; however, before you opt to take the bulk route you … Continue reading

Tropical Layouts

With so many people heading south for spring break, now is the time to stock up on tropical-themed scrapbook embellishments. Even if you are not planning a spring fling to the Caribbean, Hawaii or Mexico this year you can save the materials to use on a summer beach-themed layout or a page design for honeymooning friends. Since we visit my parents in Hawaii twice a year, I typically purchase a bunch of unique local Hawaiian scrapbooking supplies in the Islands rather than stocking up online or in shops here in Wisconsin. However, if you prefer to choose from the myriad … Continue reading

Making Do

You’re this close to completing a holiday-themed scrapbook layout. All you have left to do is place letter stickers on the page to spell out “Merry Christmas.” You get as far as “Merry Ch” when you realize you don’t have a third “R” sticker. Now what? One of my biggest pet peeves about using letter stickers is that single packages don’t feature enough of the most common consonants and vowels. Most alphabet packs will provide you with an extra vowel or two, and if you are lucky you’ll score a couple extra “T”s and “S”s. However, this doesn’t help if … Continue reading