Keeping Scrapbook Layouts Affordable

Scrapbook fans no longer have the excuse of limited funds to explain boring layouts. These days all you need to create eye-popping page designs that look like a million bucks is a computer and printer. The boom in technology has led to a slew of websites offering free scrapbooking embellishments. If you are working with a strict budget and can’t afford to run out and purchase new scrapbook elements for each new layout, let the Internet be your assistant. Sites, such as ScrapbookScrapbook offer hundreds of free scrapbook embellishments, including clip art. You don’t have to spend a dime to … Continue reading

Scrapbooks Made Easy

I am a huge fan of Shutterfly albums. While some call them an insult to scrapbooks, when you are in a hurry or simply don’t have the creative juices to craft a traditional memory album, the hardcover digitally generated books featuring your favorite photos and journaling, simply can’t be beat. I like to refer to the albums as scrapbooks made easy. You simply can’t fail when crafting the digital albums, as the directions are a cinch to follow and the actual steps are short and sweet. Several companies offer these types of books, including Shutterfly and Snapfish, which have designed … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Made Easy

My mother is the first to admit that she is a dinosaur when it comes to technology. To say that she doesn’t embrace computers or anything digital would be a severe understatement. Ironically, for as much as my mom abhors high-tech gadgets, she absolutely loves the idea of digital scrapbooks. In fact, she is borderline obsessed with digital photo books, which are essentially affordable scrapbooks that you make online. You’ve likely seen the albums advertised on various photography and scrapbooking websites. They feature a variety of prefabricated templates that make scrapping an entire book a breeze. To design the pages … Continue reading

Quick and Easy Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking has never been so easy. If you’ve admired memory albums from afar, but didn’t think you were creative enough to craft elaborate layouts, it’s time to squash your inhibitions. Fortunately, the Internet has made scrapbooking simpler and more accessible than ever before. With the introduction of online scrapbook kits, skill level, income and creativity no longer come into play. Digital kits feature all the design elements, paper and tools necessary to construct a memory book that will be appreciated for decades to come. Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be a computer geek to complete a digital … Continue reading

High-Tech Scrapbook Resources

Computers are a priceless resource when it comes to scrapbooking, and not just digital scrapbooking. I am a traditionalist when it comes to creating memory albums, which is why I don’t have too many examples of digital scrapbooking masterpieces. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t utilize my computer to create amazing layouts. When people hear about computers being used to enhance scrapbooking, most automatically focus on the different digital software options available on the market. For example, Photoshop is one of the most incredible resources for scrapbookers whose pictures need help, be it in the cropping, lighting, contrast or focus … Continue reading

Pining for Photoshop

If you are an avid digital scrapbooker, but your photos leave more to be desired than your layouts, then you might consider investing in high-quality computer software. I’ve been pining for Photoshop for years. The photo-editing software fits into the “premiere” category and is often used by professional graphic designers. However, it can also be a scrapbooker’s best friend. The software allows you to edit images in a variety of ways including cropping, modifying brightness and contrast, as well as adding a slew of special effects. The downside to all this fabulosity is the high price. Photoshop doesn’t come cheap; … Continue reading

Dinosaurs Going Digital

When it comes to computers, my mom is a triceratops; super slow and completely uninspired. Last weekend I needed her help to get some documents published and my head nearly exploded from frustration. Her computer was working great; mine was gone, so I was forced to talk her through the process… on the phone… from 5,000 miles away. Five hours later I was furiously looking around for some Patron, and I don’t drink. Needless to say, I refuse to be my mom’s digital scrapbooking mentor. Not that it matters because she won’t take a single step into the world of … Continue reading

Look Before You Leap

Or in this case, before you download. Here’s a warning to frugalistas looking to save money by downloading free scrapbooking software: make sure your virus protection is updated, especially if you are planning to save files from a website you are not familiar with. I speak from experience. Whereas I love that the Internet allows budget-conscious scrappers access to a variety of digital delights, it is so important to know what you are getting into before double clicking. If you are working on an older computer, you should refer to the owner’s manual to see whether or not your machine … Continue reading

Can You Afford to Go Digital?

For some, embracing digital scrapbooking has led to an economic windfall. Several women from my scrapbook club are masters at finding free downloads for their projects. As a result, they have been able to save hundreds of dollars on scrapbooking supplies. In that regard, digital scrapbooking can yield huge savings. However, when trying to figure out if you can afford to switch from traditional scrapbooking to an online version, you also have to consider time and computer knowledge. For example, my mom willingly admits that she is about as tech-challenged as they come. It would take her weeks to fully … Continue reading

The Importance of Saving

In my experience dealing with die hard scrappers, most have a habit of hoarding. Not in the call-TLC-so-they-can-get-free-help-from-a-pro-organizer type of hoarding; rather, most frugal scrappers struggle to toss leftover embellishments, photos and memorabilia simply because they feel as though they may be able to make use of them in the future. That’s not the type of saving I am addressing in this post. The type of “saving” I am referencing could mean the difference between a stunning digital layout and one that is destroyed beyond repair. To prevent a catastrophic meltdown when digital scrapbooking, it’s critical that you save your … Continue reading