Preparing for Crops

  Weekend scrapbooking crops are the perfect venue to learn new techniques, get inspiration from fellow scrappers and experiment with new tools.  The organized get-togethers are exciting and informative, but they can also be intimidating for newbies. Depending on how large of a crop you attend, you could be looking at scrapbooking with hundreds of other memory book builders.  In order to keep the event running smoothly, there are typically quite a few rules to consider.  When I attended my first crop the following ditty circulated around the ballroom.  It was discovered on and speaks to the unwritten rules … Continue reading

Maximize Your Cropping Adventures

Organized scrapbooking crops are not cheap. However, the memories you can make at them are priceless, which is why it pays to experience at least one or two in your lifetime. In order to make the most of your cropping weekend adventure, it’s important to get organized, so you don’t waste precious time while you are surrounded by inspirational scrappers. Remember to pack your papers, embellishments, adhesives and tools. In addition, you may want to bring along a cushion to sit on. Some crops offer comfortable ergonomic chairs with padded seats, while others simply provide metal folding or banquet chairs. … Continue reading

Learning the Hard Way

I’ve been scrapbooking for more than a decade, and as I assess my memory book-making skills, I’ve come to the conclusion that many of the lessons I’ve learned over the years have come from making mistakes. For example, if you live in Hawaii or another warm climate, you need to be extra careful about where you store your scrapbook stickers. Exposure to direct sunlight, heat, humidity and salt air can ruin stickers, regardless of whether or not you keep them in their original packaging. Other lessons I’ve learned the hard way is that paper products should be stored away from … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Adventures

I’m not referring to radical layouts or zany embellishments. Rather, have you considered broadening your creative horizons by attending a scrapbooking trade show? I recently received an email listing a number of scrapbook trade shows that will be offered in my neck of the woods this summer. These organized events are incredible places to network, especially for individuals who currently have or are thinking of running a scrapbook business. Interestingly, most scrappers don’t realize that not all trade shows shun the general public. Granted, most require you to be a registered member of the trade organization or have a valid … Continue reading

Is it Time for a Refill?

Besides overall look and ease of use, one of the most important factors I consider when purchasing a scrapbook album is refill options. In a previous blog, I detailed my recent purchase of two post-bound leather albums. Both books came with 20 pages, though the albums can accommodate about double that depending on the thickness of your completed layouts. The trick is finding the right refills. Beginner scrapbookers should note that most albums come with inserts that provide information on which style of refill pages can be used with individual books. If you don’t see a list of refill options, … Continue reading

Learning From Scrapbooking Mistakes

Live and learn. When it comes to scrapbooking, trial and error can often yield incredible results. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, right? When I attempted to make my first scrapbook, I was clueless. The process was akin to driving backwards down the wrong side of the highway. I was ill-prepared and it showed. The biggest mistake I made was not planning ahead. I waited until after the fact before deciding to piece together an entire book of memories. For me it was a vacation scrapbook, but I’ve seen others do the same with wedding memory albums. … Continue reading

Join the Club

As if my email inbox was not on the brink of exploding as it is, I keep getting invitations to join different scrapbook clubs. While I am appreciative to friends and family who forward me the evites, I barely have enough time to complete my backlog of layouts, let alone participate in a monthly club. If you are short on time and money, then you should really think twice about joining a monthly scrapbook club. Which is not to say that the clubs don’t offer a variety of benefits; however, you should know that membership requires a certain level of … Continue reading

Experimenting with New Embellishments

I am a die hard scrapbook sticker fan. I rarely create a layout without adding at least a few sticky embellishments. However, stickers don’t come cheap. At least not the ones I collect. Elaborate 3-D scrapbook stickers can cost upwards of $8 per pack. Knowing that I scrapbook on a strict budget, my neighbor has been after me to make the switch to rubber stamps. I’ve been thinking of giving my sticker obsession a break for a bit, but didn’t have a detox plan in place. However, things are about to change. Next month I am planning to attend a … Continue reading

Where to Go for Inspiration

It’s that time of the year again. Time when my local scrapbook supply store starts erecting large posters heralding the joys of scrapbook conventions. I have never been to a scrapbook convention, though I would love to go if I could find someone to sponsor my trip. I live in a small rural town and the closest thing we get to a major scrapbook convention is store-sponsored crops that are capped at 20 because of the limited size of the venue. I would probably have to drive to Chicago or Minneapolis if I wanted to attend a large national scrapbook … Continue reading

Online Courses in Scrapbooking

Did you know that you could teach yourself how to scrapbook through Free online courses? It’s true! Maybe you want to learn how to use your Cricut better, or you want to learn about digital scrapbooking, whatever the case, there is probably a course out there for you! Here are a few courses currently being offered on Digital 101-Everything you need to know about getting started in digital scrapbooking. Making the Most of your Die Cut Machine- This helps you learn more ways to use that Cricut, or other die-cutting machines! Super Sketches- Get a new sketch each for … Continue reading