Making a Profit from Your Passion

I really mean it when I tell my neighbor that she should seriously consider starting her own scrapbooking business. The woman is a machine when it comes to cranking out unique layouts. What’s more, she owns just about every scrapbooking tool known to man, and her scrapbook space is the size of a small shop. Each time I suggest that she turn her passion for scrapbooking into profit, she politely brushes me off with a smile. Part of me doesn’t blame her. Starting a business is hard work and it takes time, patience and perseverance. My neighbor is retired and … Continue reading

Scrapbook For Free to Make Money

Have you ever thought of scrapbooking for money? Any scrapper who loves what they do probably has thought to themselves, “I should do this for other people and get paid for it!” Or, maybe someone loves your work so much that they have said to you, “I’d pay someone to do this for me!” Well, many times the problem is getting started. A lot of people that have decided to go this route get their business through word of mouth. But, how do you get people to see your work? A great way to do this is by starting small … Continue reading

Even More Inexpensive or Free Advertising Options For Your Scrapbooking Home Business

You have decided you really love the idea of getting paid to do something you love. Hopefully you have researched the many direct sales companies out there and you are familiar with the way they work and like the idea of becoming a scrapbooking consultant. If this is you, then here are even more inexpensive or free advertising options for your scrapbooking home business. Set up at the craft fair, flea market or garage sale. If you create layouts, cards or even are able to stock some supplies or do a few make and takes at your local flea market, … Continue reading

Inexpensive or Free Advertising Options For Your Scrapbooking Home Business

From Creative Memories to Close to My Heart, there are several scrapbooking, stamping or paper crafting home business companies that you can become a consultant for. Most scrapbookers would love the opportunity to have their own scrapbooking business and be allowed to be creative and crop all day. Most people would love to have their own business and get to set their own hours, as well as work from home or in their pajamas from time to time. The one complaint I hear the most often when faced with the choice of becoming a consultant is, “I don’t know anyone.” … Continue reading

Scrapbooking for Others: Creating a Sample Album or Binder

Once you begin scrapbooking for others or getting paid to scrapbook, you might wish to put together a sample album or binder. This is quite a bit different from the Scrapbook Portfolio, and should actually be kept separate. A sample album or binder is usually a book of samples or sketches that the person can choose depending on the number of photographs or layout desired. So why create an album or binder with sketches or samples? It makes the job much easier when you have provided them with a visual guide to what their layouts will look like. If you … Continue reading

Scrapbooking for Others: Building a Scrapbook Portfolio

Scrapbooking for others is a great way to make some extra money doing something you love. It is important to remember to have fun while you are doing it, or you will quickly burn out. It is also important to remember to build your scrapbook portfolio with samples and testimonials from others. Samples: Obviously you are not going to create an entire duplicate page of a layout you have completed for someone else. However, snapping a photograph and putting it in a picture album or scanning it, reducing its size and printing it out and creating a scrapbook portfolio album … Continue reading

Scrapbooking for Others: Pricing Albums and Layouts

Not everyone is as obsessed with scrapbooking as some of us are. With that being said, it is important to remember that it might not be because they don’t want to be, or they don’t want nice albums to look at and share with their families. For whatever reason, not all people are into our hobby. The good news is, that it enables us to provide our services to them and create layouts and albums for them for a fee. The question I am asked most often by those looking to get paid for their scrapbooking efforts is “How much … Continue reading

Tips for Creating Albums for Others

There aren’t too many people in this world that don’t adore photographs and memories. Many people wish they could scrapbook, but are left without the time, resources or creativity. Sometimes they hire scrapbookers to create albums and other scrapbooking items for them because they just cannot do it themselves for the above reasons and/or more. Here are several tips to help you create that scrapbook for someone else. 1. Hold a meeting. At this meeting, obtain the photographs they wish to include, talk about the layouts they might desire, give them some worksheets to help with journaling and discuss payment. … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Direct Sales Companies

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to work from home doing something you absolutely love to do? Many scrapbooker’s dream of the day they could retire from the everyday nitty gritty of a full time job and devote all their time to their passion. There are dozens of ways to make money with your love of scrapbooking. Direct sales companies are a popular home business to start up. These work well because typically they require a small start up fee for a kit. The kits typically include sample products, start up materials, business manuals and information and other useful items. I will … Continue reading

The Sad News About Scrapbooking Company – Top Line Creations

Every scrapbooker dreams of doing what they love to earn an income. Many choose to sign with scrapbooking companies where they really do get paid for scrapbooking by selling products and other supplies which make scrapbooking easier both digitally and for the paper scrapper. Most people put forth a lot of effort to grow a business of their own and are devastated when it comes to a halt or they lose money. It was a sad day for Top Line Creations (TLC) consultant’s on April 4, 2008, as the following statement was released by corporate headquarters: “As of April 4, … Continue reading