Easy Borders

How much thought do you put into crafting scrapbook borders? Often, great consideration is given to the types of photos featured on a layout, as well as major elements, such as frames, journaling blocks and titles.  However, when it comes to creating eye-popping page borders, many scrapbookers throw something together at the last minute or leave them out all together. Adding an interesting border to your layout doesn’t have to take a ton of time, money or effort.  You can easily customize a border with materials you already have in your scrapbooking supply stash.  For example, leftover stickers can be … Continue reading

Space Savers

Most crafters make use of traditional 12×12 albums to create memorable scrapbook layouts. However, there are times when 12×12 simply isn’t enough space to showcase all of your photos, mementos and embellishments. You can typically avoid having to redo your hard work by blocking your layouts prior to adhering items onto your page. While you are arranging your materials to create a cohesive design, consider the amount of space you are dealing with and how you can make use of every inch. For example, if you are suffering from picture overload, consider using photo corners instead of frames or mats. … Continue reading

The Art of Simplicity

Simplicity is key when you are first starting out in the world of scrapbooking. The hobby has grown exponentially in the last few years and it can be overwhelming to keep everything straight, from techniques to products, tools and supplies. To simplify matters, concentrate on the basics. Don’t get bogged down with minute details. In fact, you don’t have to stick with tradition at all. When creating super simple scrapbooks, you might consider making versions that are designed for kids. One of my second grader’s favorite memory albums is made from cardstock, postcards, wrapping paper, photos, memorabilia and a few … Continue reading

Poetry in Motion

Do you often find yourself working harder on gift scrapbooks than ones you plan to keep for yourself? I force myself to be a more creative when crafting memory albums for others. Sadly, that’s why I don’t have many scrapbook layouts featuring personalized poems or detailed journaling blocks. Nine times out of ten, I neglect to take the time to include personal writings in my scrapbooks, even though they don’t require a ton of time or energy to complete. Many scrappers automatically swear off writing their own prose to add to scrapbook page designs. However, these one-of-a-kind verses are often … Continue reading

Paper Projects

If your search for cheap scrapbook paper leads you to Wal-Mart, you may want to put on the brakes before heading to the check-out line. Whereas I purchase many quality goods at the discount retailer, last week, I learned that scrapbook paper is not one of the store’s best buys. The low price may be incentive for you to toss it into your cart, but once you get home, you’ll quickly realize that you get what you pay for. Be that as it may, there are ways you can add to your paper stash without going bankrupt. For example, the … Continue reading

Where to Keep Keepsakes

Whether it’s your child’s first tooth or her first lock of hair snipped by a professional stylist, mementos are an important part of scrapbook layouts. My daughter lost her first tooth a few months ago and I immediately placed it in her scrapbook. It may sound gross, but her front baby tooth was so tiny I feared it would fall off her nightstand with even the slightest breeze, so I placed it in an envelope and snuck it into her memory album. (P.S. The Tooth Fairy still left money despite the fact that I wouldn’t let her take the tooth … Continue reading

Beating Scrapbooking Block

Even the best crafters suffer from scrapper’s block every once in a while. In fact, after designing hundreds of layouts, it’s not uncommon for the most experienced scrapbookers to resort to beginner techniques or materials. Recently, I was quite shocked to learn that my neighbor and scrapbooking mentor (she has been creating elaborate memory albums for more than 25 years) uses instructional scrapbook paper from time to time. The paper she uses comes from a manual called Layout Blueprints. The spiral bound book features dozens of page designs that you can place on a copier and print out to meet … Continue reading

Spice Up Chipboard

Painting plain chipboard is an easy and affordable way to give your layouts a boost. However, it’s not the only way to breathe new life into the popular embellishment. If you are trying to save money by making your own chipboard accents, consider decoupage. Frugal scrapbookers know the value of this technique, which can be used on a myriad of materials, including chipboard. Start by collecting patterned paper scraps. Any leftover scrapbook paper that features colors that complement your layout will do. Next, adhere the paper to the chipboard with Mod Podge, and allow it to dry thoroughly before trimming … Continue reading

The Wonderful World of Ribbon

In the world of scrapbooking, ribbons are your friends. Not only are they easy to work with, but ribbons are also extremely versatile. My recent ribbon kick has included creating more than just a bunch of girly-girl layouts. In fact, I used scrap ribbon I had leftover from the holidays to craft a couple of very masculine page designs. I paired the winter blue and white ribbons I used on a variety of Christmas gifts with mint green and cream colored ribbon to create a frame for a multi-generational grandpa/father/son layout. In addition, I used ribbon with frayed edges to … Continue reading

Funny Thanksgiving Layouts

Remember the Thanksgiving when Aunt Lucy made salmon instead of turkey? Okay, maybe that just happens in my family. Whether it’s being served fish instead of bird, or a pumpkin pie exploded in the kitchen, or great-grandpa fell asleep in the middle of saying grace, Thanksgiving is a hotbed for humorous scrapbook material. When you get sick of trying to figure out new and exciting ways to display photos of your family eating turkey, consider adding sidesplitting journaling supplements, funny poems or cute quips to mark the holiday. Many scrappers are afraid of adding poems to their layouts, but if … Continue reading