Printing on Scrapbook Paper

Taking advantage of sales on scrapbook paper is a great way to save money. However, if you can’t use the bulk stock as effectively as possible, then your purchase may be worthless. This is especially true if your computer printer places certain limitations on the type of scrapbook paper you can use. If you own a standard ink jet printer, you really need to pay close attention to the type of scrapbook paper you buy. When selecting paper consider the weight. For example, a heavy-weight cardstock may not be compatible with your printer. Also, examine the paper’s texture. If the … Continue reading

Title Tricks

When you’re crafting layouts for every theme under the sun, it may be tough to come up with new titles time and time again. While some scrapbookers shy away from page titles, I enjoy coming up with unique word combinations that grab people’s attention. However, dreaming up a whimsical play on words is only half the fun of adding titles to scrapbook layouts. With titles you can flex your creative muscle when it comes to materials, placement and technique. As a beginner scrapper I would stick to the basics when creating page titles. Stickers, stamps and scrapbook chalk were about … Continue reading

Scrapbook Graphics

I’ve gushed about Adobe Photoshop on the Photography blog, but I have yet to sing its praises here on the Scrapbooking blog. If you’re looking for a phenomenal graphics program to design digital scrapbook kits, then I would highly recommend Adobe Photoshop Elements. Its features are virtually limitless, and if you are already a digital scrapbooking pro, then the popular image editor will only increase the number of amazing effects you can add to your layouts. Another bonus with Photoshop Elements is that it won’t set you back as much as the full version. Elements is perfect for digital scrapbookers, … Continue reading

How to Pick the Perfect Paper for your Layout-Part II

Now that you have chosen the right paper for your background, it is time to choose your coordinating patterned papers. I always pick patterned papers that coordinate with the solid color. Usually, I pick 4 or less papers that coordinate with each other as well. Then, I decide which of those papers I want the most of on my layout. Does it look good with the photo as well? If it does, then that is usually what I start with. The reason that I pick so many papers up front is so that I can narrow down what will look … Continue reading

How to Pick the Perfect Paper for your Layout-Part I

Sometimes, beginning scrappers just simply don’t know where to start. Picking papers can be an overwhelming task. Especially if you are in a scrapbooking store. There are so many choices. But, what about when you have left the store, have a huge stack of papers already sitting at home, and you want to create a scrapbook page? What papers do you choose first? There are lots of ways that I decide on which paper to use. Sometimes, I simply pick the paper that I’m really itching to use. You know, the one that is newest on my shelf. The one … Continue reading

Advice for the Budding Scrapbook Artist

A good friend of mine has been talking about scrapping forever. She is one of those people that has all the stuff, but never does it. That’s OK, I don’t judge. I love shopping for scrapbooking stuff. In fact, when I took a year off from scrapbooking when my second child was born, I still went shopping for scrapbooking stuff when I had no real intent of using it anytime soon. Today, we got together to scrap. I invited her over to my place to share my supplies (although she brought some of her own) and told her to bring … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Extraordinary Moments and Events in Life

It isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned it, and more than likely, it certainly won’t be the last. Scrapbooking those hard times, the things we would rather leave unspoken. But what kind of picture does it depict when someone glances through our albums and everything looks perfectly rosy and happy all of the time? Most families are touched by divorce in some way, yet this is a topic you don’t see in scrapbook layouts very often. I can honestly say, I have actually created a 2 page layout about my divorce. I haven’t slipped it into an album yet, for … Continue reading

Tips for Scrapbooking Summer Camp Experiences

It seems only fitting with my two teen children off at summer camp for a week long sleepover adventure, that I would take on this topic. There will probably be more to say when they return home as well as layouts to share, and then the younger kids go next month so I am sure they will do things differently. Summer camp is often a great memory of your childhood so it should definitely be scrapbooked. Here are some ideas for doing so. Send a camera with them. It doesn’t have to be a fancy expensive camera, a disposable is … Continue reading

How Many Pages Will My Scrapbook Album Hold?

How many pages does a scrapbook album actually hold? This question is asked so frequently. In fact, I see it several times a week on a variety of message boards I frequent, so I thought I would address it and give you the best answer available. The first part of the answer is simple. It has no answer. Except it does so I will explain. It really depends on the name brand of the album, the size of the album and how much three dimensional scrapbooking you do on your individual layouts. Here is more on each situation. Album Brand … Continue reading

How To Get More Scrapbooking Done This Week

Do you feel as if you have absolutely no time to sit down and create the beautiful layouts your mind and fingers desire to create? What if I told you I could help by offering a few tips to get you started? If you can adapt these into your everyday routine, you won’t just get more scrapbooking done this week, you’ll find the time to be creative much more frequently. Here are a few suggestions: Plan Your Meals: Yes. I know it has absolutely nothing to do with scrapbooking, but if you plan the meals you want to prepare in … Continue reading