Summer Journaling

Strawberry picking, swimming, biking, scavenger hunting, and theme park hopping; these are just some of the activities my family has participated in so far this summer. Fortunately, I had the foresight to bring my camera along to the aforementioned events, so I could scrapbook them in a mini album. Unfortunately, I neglected to jot down notes during our summer adventures, so now I am left racking my brain trying to recall details to include in journaling blocks. A little writing can go a long way when it comes to scrapbook journaling. Don’t stress out about taking copious notes while you … Continue reading

Learning a New Skill

February is a huge month for workshops at my local scrapbook shop. It’s probably because we live near the Artic, and there’s no better way to cure the winter blues than learning a new scrapbooking technique. Or something like that. Last Saturday’s demo included tips on how to improve scrapbook journaling. We learned the importance of including names and dates in our entries, and received advice on how to infuse a little humor into an otherwise boring journaling block. As I look back at scrapbooks I designed when I first got interested in the hobby, they all lack journaling. I … Continue reading

Quote Me

Journaling is a feature of scrapbooking that some crafters shy away from due to lack of inspiration. In my opinion, you shouldn’t let a little writer’s block prevent you from sharing your thoughts on a particular photo, memento or experience. What’s more, there are no rules in scrapbooking that prohibit you from using words made famous by other people. Inspirational words, whether they are in the form of poems, song lyrics, or well-known quotes, can easily be incorporated into a scrapbook layout. One of the simplest ways to add them to your journaling block is to purchase products that come … Continue reading

Help with Journaling

I get paid to write, but that doesn’t mean that my scrapbook journaling blocks rock. In fact, there are many times I end up talking myself out of including them in a layout because I feel as though people will judge them too harshly. Meaning, I don’t feel I can casually jot down random thoughts and feelings because people expect more from my entries. For example, I am currently creating a collection of mini scrapbooks for my mom’s birthday. Unfortunately, I am under a severe time crunch, and while one of the books demands that I include journaling, I am … Continue reading

Spicing Up Your Wedding Scrapbook

Photos may be the core of a wedding scrapbook, but there are many other nuances that help document the magic of your big day. Personally, I think journaling is a huge component of wedding scrapbooks. When done correctly, journaling can transform an ordinary wedding scrapbook into a personal storybook that can be passed down through the generations. When adding journaling blocks to your wedding scrapbook it’s a good idea to add more than a few anecdotes. Rather, consider the questions your future children and grandchildren might ask when flipping through the pages, such as: *Why did you select the people … Continue reading

Scrap Your Favorite Song

There are so many things that we can scrapbook about. But, too often, I think we forget to scrapbook about one of the most important things in our lives….ourselves! In my article, A Yearly Layout about YOU!! I wrote about just that. When my daughter was first born, I was an addicted scrapper. I scrapped her photos non-stop creating 1-2 new layouts a day. I didn’t want to get behind. Well, as all scrappers know, getting behind is inevitable. I had baby number 2 a couple of years later, and I’ve been behind ever since. But, while I was scrapping … Continue reading

Journaling New Year’s Resolutions

The first day of the year brings with it a myriad of opportunities and new beginnings. It also ushers in the ubiquitous New Year’s resolution. I’m sure you’ve made a few in your lifetime. I have; everything from losing weight to learning how to sew, to getting a new job and getting out of debt. If I had to scrap the litany of resolutions I’ve made in the last 30 or so years, I’d need a forklift to pick up my book. A New Year’s resolution scrapbook? Do people actually scrap promises that are made to be broken? According to … Continue reading

Spice Up Your Journaling

Do you ever finish a scrapbook and decide that the final touch needed is some journaling? You want to come up with some quirky or inspirational words, something that stands out. You want to be clever and creative with your words yet nothing comes to mind. At times I get tired of writing the same boring stuff. “This picture was taken on the Dungeon Ride.” Wow, exciting. I think that could be figured out without me writing it down. So how about something interesting? I ran across some great websites where I don’t have to do any thinking. Everlasting … Continue reading

Creating a Journal Scrapbook

A journal scrapbook is similar to a regular one in that it captures memories but it is filled with more words than pictures. It serves almost as if it’s a diary. I started putting one together a few years ago and laid it aside but I plan on picking it back up again. I happened to save enough memorabilia over the years, going back into my childhood days that I can put together a pretty nice journal scrapbook. One of the pages of my journal scrapbook holds a dog biscuit. Now that might sound strange but let me explain why. … Continue reading