Picture Problem

Does this photo look familiar? If you are like me, you likely have a few dozen Fourth of July-themed pictures to place in your summer scrapbook. Whereas I am pleased to have captured so many decent shots of fireworks, family members, friends and other holiday festivities, I am now faced with the challenge of whittling down just a few select images to feature on a single layout. For me, it’s one of the most daunting scrapbooking tasks. When it comes to picking just a handful of photos to include on a page, my indecisiveness rears its ugly head. I have … Continue reading

Summer Organizing

I get the concept behind spring cleaning, but in my world, summer is primetime for purging. I’ve been trying to reorganize and deep clean my scrapbooking space for months; however, I simply haven’t had the time to undertake such a monumental task. Which is not to say that I have this humungous crafting space to create all my scrapbook masterpieces. Rather, I’m just a slob. If you’ve been dreading the idea of organizing your scrapbooking area, there’s no time like the present to get it done. Let summer’s extra long days inspire you to open your windows, dump out the … Continue reading

Method Behind the Madness

My local scrapbook shop has the cutest framed cartoon strip hanging near the cash register. The first box features a woman getting rave reviews about her latest elaborate scrapbook creation. In the second box, her pals heap on more praise and question how she is able to craft such incredibly neat and detailed page designs. Finally, in the last box, you see the woman’s craft space. The room looks like a tornado ripped through it. Paper, embellishments and scrapbooking tools are scattered in a chaotic mess and you can barely make out where the woman is able to put together … Continue reading

January Clean-Up

How often do you scrapbook in the month of January? The beginning of the month typically brings with it a mad dash to create memorable layouts from all the photos snapped over the holidays, but then there’s usually a lull until the next holiday, birthday or anniversary. During your downtime you might consider cleaning and organizing your scrapbook area. The beginning of a new year is an opportunity to start fresh, get organized, and purge, purge, purge. For example, those leftover polka dot stickers you’ve been hanging on to for more than a year can probably get recycled or passed … Continue reading

Overhaul Your Scrapbook Space

Part of my New Year’s ritual is to purge my home of unwanted and unnecessary goods. I’m not big into New Year’s resolutions, but this annual pre-spring cleaning ceremony comes pretty close to the formal promises people make at the beginning of a new year. I take one room or fraction of a room at a time. The process takes a few weeks, but by the time I am done my home is much more organized. Currently, I am working on overhauling my scrapbooking space. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to organize your space. After … Continue reading

Clean House in Your Scrapbook Space

There are times when I feel like, “Why do I have all this stuff?” While I appreciate my craft and all that it contributes to my life, sometimes I look at my scrap room and think, “Should I give it all away?” I never feel like I should stop scrapbooking, but sometimes, I think it is a good idea to clean house and get rid of some things. It can help you re-focus on your scrapbooking, analyze what supplies you really need, and get back into it again. This is a really good idea if you’ve been feeling like you’re … Continue reading

Jealousy in Scrapbooking

No matter how good we’ve got it, we can always be jealous of other scrappers. Right? OK, maybe it’s actually wrong, but it happens. I wrote about my personal scrapspace in the article, “How I Organize All That Stuff”. I am lucky. I have a room devoted to my scrapbooking. It also doubles as the office, and a place for my kids to make messes while I scrap. But, nevertheless, others might be jealous of what I have. I no longer have to store my scrap stuff under my bed, taking 30 minutes just to get it all out and … Continue reading

Organizing Your Scrapbook Space

You don’t have to be on the receiving end of a Nate Berkus home makeover to whip your scrapbook room into shape. In fact, you don’t have to have a scrapbook room at all in order to use the following organizational strategies. If you have a scrapbooking corner in your basement or a craft table tucked into your bedroom closet, the following tips can help you keep your supplies neat and tidy: Take Inventory: You can have the most lavish scrapbook supplies in the world, but if they are hidden under a bunch of junk, your work space will be … Continue reading

Catching Up Your Scrapbooking

If you feel like you are so far behind on scrapbooking that there is no sense even trying to catch up, hopefully this will blog will inspire you. There are some people that never move forward when they feel they are facing an impossible task. That’s because we tend to look at the big picture instead of the smaller pieces. If you were to put together a 1,000 piece puzzle you might feel overwhelmed when you consider the puzzle in its entirety. However, if you put the focus on doing just one piece of the puzzle at a time you … Continue reading

Scrapbook Storage Sale

My email inbox is bursting at the seams with Black Friday ads. There’s no way I am venturing out in the freezing cold at some gosh forsaken hour to battle bargain hunters… this year. However, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being tempted by some of the sales, including ones for scrapbooking storage items. I could use a couple of sturdy storage carts for my scrapbooking supplies. Actually, I could use the help of Ty Pennington and the rest of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition crew to build an entire scrapbooking room, but I don’t think there is … Continue reading