Scrapbook Dangers

I suppose there are dangers involved with any hobby, though you wouldn’t think an innocent passion like scrapbooking would come with major risks. Then again, there are ways you can reduce endangering yourself while putting together a scrapbook layout. Case in point: Using proper tools. And by proper tools, I don’t mean using a dull razor blade to cut chipboard. It’s a mistake my neighbor made a few weeks ago while crafting a Mother’s Day page design. Using a die cut machine would have made more sense. Actually, using a sharp craft knife would have sufficed, but she thought she … Continue reading

Get Your Giggle On

Scrapbooking can be fun. I know; what a concept, right? Often, scrappers get so caught up in creating elaborate page designs filled with expensive embellishments and newfangled techniques that they lose sight of the big picture. The art of crafting memory albums shouldn’t be a chore or an exercise in frustration; rather, piecing together pages featuring fabulous photos and heartfelt mementos should be fun. One of the ways you can infuse a little laughter into your scrapbook layouts is to look for humorous additions, such as jokes or riddles. For example, if you are creating a lively kids-themed page design, … Continue reading

Fun Gift for Scrapbook Fans

With so many new memory book supplies being introduced throughout the year, finding the perfect gift for your favorite scrapper is a piece of cake… or not. Often crafters can get overwhelmed by the sheer number of scrapbooking tools, albums, paper and embellishments on the market today. This is especially true for busy scrappers who don’t have the time to research constantly changing product choices. For scrapbooking fans with limited time to browse through stores or peruse new items online, consider presenting them with a kit club membership. The monthly clubs come with all the supplies needed to craft several … Continue reading

Quoting Kids

If you read my posts in PARENTING, then you know I love quoting my 7-year-old. Me: “Just a second, honey. I have to finish this project.” DD: “Your work is so annoying. Just tell them you’re dead.” Out of the mouth of babes, right? What’s even funnier (to me anyway) is that I could easily design an entire scrapbook layout around that single quote. Kids are a fountain of inspiration when it comes to providing quotes that can add pizzazz to a page design. In some cases your child may say something unique or hilarious that will spice up a … Continue reading

Extreme Scrapbooking

If you are wondering why your Sunday newspaper has gone missing for the last few weeks, blame TLC’s “Extreme Couponing.” The popular reality series is being blamed for a rash of newspaper thefts. Apparently, coupon divas looking to save a bundle by using Sunday inserts to purchase mass quantities of free toiletries and groceries are stooping to new lows in order to get high on bargain shopping. They are stealing other people’s newspaper coupons to supplement their stash. According to police in Florida, Wisconsin, California, Idaho, Texas, Alabama and Arkansas, newspaper thefts are on the rise. When the culprits are … Continue reading

Are You a Scrapbooking Show-Off?

Maybe it’s because I am constantly searching for inspiration, or perhaps I have better things in life to worry about, but I am not the type of person, who gets my undies in a knot, when a fellow scrapper wants to show off her latest and greatest layouts. Last weekend I witnessed an ugly scene at my local scrapbook shop which reinforced my philosophy that a little humility can go a long way. A shop regular was paging through the display albums on the “Theme of the Month” table when two other women waltzed by and started commenting on the … Continue reading

Profit From Your Passion

I have always been a frugal scrapper. This is a result of sheer necessity because if I weren’t, I wouldn’t be a scrapper at all. Scrapbooking can add up very quickly. Between albums, paper, tools, and embellishments, a single memory book can easily exceed a couple hundred dollars depending on its size and the types of materials used. If you are not independently wealthy and you like to use top of the line scrapbook materials, then you might be forced to scale down on your wish list, or pick up a few extra jobs to help support your hobby. Or… … Continue reading

Getting and Staying Organized

I could live happily ever after in The Container Store. Ironically, the place that fills me with such glee can also make me feel like a disorganized sloth. One area of my home that could use some serious help from The Container Store is my scrapbooking corner. I don’t live in a huge house complete with scrapbooking room; rather, I make do with a little area in the family room that I have transformed into my own private workspace. The corner features a couple of tables and several shelving units where I store my scrapbooking materials. Regardless of the size … Continue reading

Scrap on the Road

I enjoy scrapbooking, but I am by no means obsessed with the hobby. Translation: You won’t find me scrapping on the road. Unlike some of the die-hard scrappers I regularly crop with, I don’t make a point to collect mementos from every attraction I visit on vacation. Nor do I remember to photograph my family trying new foods or chilling in the backseat of the car, so I can incorporate the shots in a fab layout when we return from our trips. That said I applaud scrappers who are able to think ahead and document their adventures in the moment. … Continue reading

Making Money from Scrapbooking

I spend so much money supporting my scrapbooking hobby; I can’t imagine actually generating an income from my passion. Still, there are tens of thousands of people who have found a way to make money from doing what they love-—making memory books. If you are looking to get into the scrapbooking business, one of the easiest ways to start is to work as a consultant for a scrapbook sales company. The initial investment is minimal since most companies don’t require that you purchase inventory. The downside is that you probably won’t make a ton of money from the get-go. Plan … Continue reading