Get Your Giggle On

Scrapbooking can be fun. I know; what a concept, right? Often, scrappers get so caught up in creating elaborate page designs filled with expensive embellishments and newfangled techniques that they lose sight of the big picture. The art of crafting memory albums shouldn’t be a chore or an exercise in frustration; rather, piecing together pages featuring fabulous photos and heartfelt mementos should be fun. One of the ways you can infuse a little laughter into your scrapbook layouts is to look for humorous additions, such as jokes or riddles. For example, if you are creating a lively kids-themed page design, … Continue reading

Quoting Kids

If you read my posts in PARENTING, then you know I love quoting my 7-year-old. Me: “Just a second, honey. I have to finish this project.” DD: “Your work is so annoying. Just tell them you’re dead.” Out of the mouth of babes, right? What’s even funnier (to me anyway) is that I could easily design an entire scrapbook layout around that single quote. Kids are a fountain of inspiration when it comes to providing quotes that can add pizzazz to a page design. In some cases your child may say something unique or hilarious that will spice up a … Continue reading

Are You a Scrapbooking Show-Off?

Maybe it’s because I am constantly searching for inspiration, or perhaps I have better things in life to worry about, but I am not the type of person, who gets my undies in a knot, when a fellow scrapper wants to show off her latest and greatest layouts. Last weekend I witnessed an ugly scene at my local scrapbook shop which reinforced my philosophy that a little humility can go a long way. A shop regular was paging through the display albums on the “Theme of the Month” table when two other women waltzed by and started commenting on the … Continue reading

Scrapbooking to Overcome Christmas Stress

Recently, I got myself involved in this huge project. I decided to make 75 ornaments for a church Christmas party that I am in charge of this week. It has been a lot of work being in charge of a party for 150 people. I have never done anything like this before. The stress of it is pretty overwhelming. Combine that with my regular holiday stress of shopping, five Christmas parties to attend, and family coming into town, I was feeling really stressed out, and a little like the Grinch. I wanted to get rid of Christmas. The ornaments were … Continue reading

Do Others Think Your Hobby is a “Waste”

I have heard others scrappers say that other people in their lives just don’t understand scrapbooking. I have a family member of my own that also doesn’t get it. Do you have someone in your life that views scrapbooking as a waste?? What do you say to someone who feels your hobby is a waste? Here are some fun ideas: *Tell them that this is your way of preserving your family history *Explain that this is your creative outlet, and while you could just slap some photos in a book, you choose to honor your photos! *Let them know that … Continue reading

Are You Obsessed with Scrapbooking?

So, when you are absolutely obsessed with scrapbooking, you realize it almost daily. I decided that I was going to take a week or so break for creating any new layouts. Last month, I participated in several scrapbooking challenges online, and had a good time doing it. But, that was also time consuming for me. I love getting the feedback on my own layouts, and getting to see the creativity of others’ too. But, it was a lot of work. So, thus the needed vacation. But, then tragedy struck. I bought more supplies. And, you know what that means….when you … Continue reading

Scrapbooking When You Have Kids Under Your Feet

As time has gone on, my scrapbooking supplies have grown. Probably quadrupled since that first set of supplies I bought. My family has grown too. When I first started scrapbooking, I had no children, and lots of time. Oh how I wish I had that kind of time now. But, I don’t, and being a stay at home Mom of two kids that are still at home makes it challenging. I don’t want to put my scrapbooking on hold until they are in school, but, I have to prioritize and figure out ways to keep them happy while I sneak … Continue reading