Getting the Best Shot

You could have the most elaborate die cuts, stickers, stamps and rub ons, but if your photos stink, then your entire scrapbook layout will be compromised. I know this from experience because I wanted desperately to construct a layout to showcase my memorabilia from a summer concert I attended featuring the Goo Goo Dolls. It was an evening concert that took place outdoors, and while I had a decent seat and cameras were permitted, I came away with pitiful looking shots. The biggest issues that face concertgoers trying to shoot the main act are lighting and resolution. It is nearly … Continue reading

Do Better Photos Mean Better Pages?

There are many times when I look at someone else’s scrapbook page and think, “Wow! That’s gorgeous!!” Then, I take a second look, and start analyzing (like I so often do) what exactly makes the page look so beautiful. Many times, I realize it is not necessarily the skills of the scrapper, or the great materials they used, but it is simply a great picture. I sometimes feel jealous that I don’t have a better camera. I imagine how magnificent my pages could be if I had a $1500 camera that took perfect pictures no matter how bad the photographer … Continue reading

Try a New Scrapbook Look Using Black and White Photos

If you were to take a look through my scrapbooks you would see a lot of color. The album itself, the pictures inside, the paper and embellishments all scream color. I’m sure this is true for most scrapbookers. We tend to really like color. Recently I have been thinking of doing something a little different. I really appreciate the look and beauty of black and white photos. Black and white photos are simple but sophisticated. They have an elegance to them that is very unique. A black and white photo scrapbook would definitely be something very different. It would be … Continue reading

Tips to Taking Better Pictures

You can create the most beautiful scrapbook page with all the embellishments, cute quotes, and fun textures, but if your pictures are poor your page will only disappoint you. Photographs are the heart of every scrapbook page. It is the photographs we cherish not the embellishments. The love and time that goes into a scrapbooking page is the manifestation of our love for our pictures or the subjects in the pictures. It is no wonder that so many scrapbookers also share a hobby in photography. If you are new to photography or just have been dissatisfied with your pictures as … Continue reading

Creating Fun and Interesting Photographs

Most times when we think about creativity in scrapbooking we are concerned with colors, layout and the embellishments that we use. However creativity can also be found in the photographs that make up the scrapbook. Although the creation of our scrapbook pages is important, the real focal point is supposed to be about the pictures. There are ways to make photographs more interesting and fun. Typically when we take pictures of others we ask them to pose. However sometimes the best pictures are the ones people don’t pose for. Capturing a moment that isn’t staged can make for a great … Continue reading

Tips for Better Photos

Pictures are something that we depend on to help us tell our stories on almost every layout we create. Most of the time the photos are the focus of each creation. So, I think that it is important to strive to take better pictures so that we will have more material, which inspires us to create even more layouts. I am certainly not an excellent photographer, but I have learned a lot of things since becoming involved in scrapbooking. Here are a few of the things I have learned along the way. Take LOTS of pictures. I think the best … Continue reading

Preserving Your Christmas Treasures

There are so many ways that you could approach capturing and preserving your Christmas (or Kwanza or Hanukah) memories. This year I plan to focus on the little things that make this season special for me. These items would make a prefect mini album that we could add to each year. I would like to share a few things that I would be meaningful to include in a holiday memory album. Your Christmas Tree. Is it artificial or real? If it is real, do you cut it down yourself, or do you buy it at the same place each year? … Continue reading

Don’t Miss these Winter Photo Opportunities

Now that the winter season has official arrived in many cities, it is time to enjoy all of the beauty that the season brings. One way to celebrate this winter season is by taking pictures to document all of your favorite things. I have come up with a list of things that you may want to capture in photos and I would like to share them with you. The First Snow. This may mean different things to different people. You may want to photograph your home lightly dusted in snow after the first flurries. For me, it will mean traveling … Continue reading

Capture Your Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving Photo Ideas With Thanksgiving nearly here, I was thinking about the things I would like to document this year for this special holiday. With a little planning, you can make sure to take pictures and preserve those special memories. Here are a few ideas I’ve had that you may want to include on your scrapbook layouts. Family photos. This is a holiday where many family members travel to be together. It is a great opportunity to take pictures of people who can’t usually be together. Remember to get a picture of all of the cousins in attendance at Thanksgiving … Continue reading