Scrapping the Funny Things Your Kids Say

Kids really do say the darndest things don’t they? At least most of the kids I know do. As Moms, we try so hard to write those things down so we don’t forget, but why not make a scrapbook page about them? My sister’s kids are hilarious. I love when she calls me with a silly story, or funny thing they did. She keeps track of them on her blog. So, one day, I decided to make a scrapbook page of all the funny things my niece Hazel said. I titled it, “Hazel-isms” In the center of the layout, I … Continue reading

Now That Would be Great to Scrapbook About!

Do you base your decisions on what to do on how great it would be to scrapbook about it? Do you ask your child to perform a cute task well beyond exhaustion in order to properly record it and photograph it? Do you keep your camera on you while strolling though your home so you will not miss any cute moments? Do you buy cute scrapbooking paper and plan an event so you can use it? I will be the first to admit that a cute layout and page came before the event. I will not go so far as … Continue reading

Are you a Scrapbook Nazi?

I have a perfectionist scrapbooking friend. If something should be cut it should be done so correctly and in proper form. A layout is not complete until it looks like it should be featured in a magazine. Pictures should be close to professional quality to be used on a page. Embellishments must math in perfect color hue to be approved. Scissors should be kept as sharp as a samurai’s blade. This attitude makes scrapbooking alongside such a person very difficult. Do you know a scrapbook Nazi? Are you, perhaps, a scrapbook Nazi? Signs You Could Be a Scrapbook Nazi: If … Continue reading

Storytelling through Scrapbooks

Most of us are familiar with journaling in our scrapbooks. These are short little quips that describe what is happening in a photograph. It is fun to fill scrapbook pages with these, as it makes the scrapbook become more personable. What about storytelling through scrapbooks? Storytelling would be a more detailed account of something. Try to imagine how one day that story could really mean a lot to someone. In fact, just think how you would feel if you had scrapbooks that your mother created that is filled with story after story. Wouldn’t you just treasure them? If your mother … Continue reading

Two Years and One Month of Scrapbooking Articles

Everyone has a dream and when it finally comes true, you might wish for someone to pinch you just to be sure you aren’t actually asleep. Two years and one month ago, I had my own dream and it did come true and here I am all this time later, still loving it! When I accepted the position to write with I had no idea that two years and one month later I would still be here. I also had no idea of the opportunities that would present themselves to me during this time. I love writing for this … Continue reading

Change the Way You Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is an every changing industry. As scrapbooker’s we strive to learn new techniques and find new embellishments and ways to adorn our beautiful scrapbook layouts. Sometimes we stray from the original goal of preserving our memories and sometimes we remember to keep the focus on the photos. Recently I picked up a copy of The Big Picture by Stacy Julian. While it was published a few years back, and I had glanced at it numerous times and really liked what I saw, apparently I was only scratching the surface of what the book would mean to me. I began … Continue reading

Are You All Caught Up?

Is there really such a thing as being caught up in the scrapbooking world? Aren’t we always taking photographs, and aren’t we always feeling creative? I would think that this question would retire after awhile, but I actually hear it a lot. “Are you caught up?” Personally I think the question is king of subjective and is honestly different for any person who is scrapbooking. It sort of seems to depend on an individual scrapbookers goals and what they might hope to accomplish with their scrapbooking hobby. In that same aspect, one can also argue that if you are a … Continue reading

The Reasons for Scrapbooking From a Real Life Scrapbooker

In the many years that I have been scrapbooking, I have been asked more than once, my reasons for scrapbooking. While my main reasons haven’t ever changed, my goals and layouts and what they reflect have changed. Most people scrapbook to preserve their memories. Some people scrapbook because it is a creative outlet that allows them to be artistic and utilize photographs in the process. While both of these hold true for me, there is a deeper meaning for me, and I hope that my real life scrapbooking will make you reconsider your own layouts and moments that you choose … Continue reading

Getting Ready for Spring in Your Scrapbooking

The official first day of Spring is in just three short days. And Easter is this upcoming weekend. It seems as if Winter just flew by, even with all the cold weather and snow and ice everyone has been getting. Since it still doesn’t feel too much like spring time around here, I thought I would get everyone in the mood for those terrific Spring photo opportunities and scrapbooking pages. Spring Cleaning – Spring seems to bring everyone out of the cobwebs and caves and puts many in the mood to do some spring cleaning. But do not forget to … Continue reading

How I Scrapbooked Events I Wanted To Forget: A Personal Journey

Being human, most scrapbookers are not caught up to date on their scrapbooking and probably have years worth of pictures to attend to. So what happens when you sit down to scrapbook and you are faced with something you would like to forget? Perhaps its a situation that was unpleasant, or perhaps it is a situation that is less than a happy memory – examples would be divorce, a marriage that didn’t work, ex boyfriends and girlfriends, really any subject that might be sensitive. It was extremely difficult for me to sit down and scrapbook my wedding to my ex-husband. … Continue reading