Finding the Right Album

Recently, Kohl’s had a super sale on scrapbooks. In addition to the already low prices, I used a 20 percent off coupon to further reduce the blow to my wallet. I ended up walking away with two leather post-bound scrapbook albums. I could have easily scooped up three times that amount, as the store had a seemingly endless array of leather albums in a rainbow of colors, including chocolate, asphalt, lavender, sky, cinnamon and green apple. In addition, they came in an array of sizes from 12×12 to 6×6. I chose the traditional 12×12 albums that came with a display … Continue reading

Wednesday’s Weekly Challenge-Budget Shopping

I think this is the perfect challenge to finish up the year, and the month of December. After all, Christmas is over and we are probably all a little broke right? But, that doesn’t mean we have to stop scrapping! So this week, let’s think of ways that we can spend as little money as possible on a layout. But, the fun of this week’s challenge is that you still get to go shopping. Maybe you can score some great deals on those after Christmas sales!! The goal is to buy supplies, yet do it in a way that you … Continue reading

Disney Scrapbooking Supplies

I have a friend or two who LOVE Disney. I would say that I like it as well. Who doesn’t? But, there are people that are obsessed with Disney. They are the ones that have season passes to Disneyland, or Disney World, and are also obsessed with all things Disney. I mean, who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse? I have a little girl, and I’m dying to take her to Disneyland next year for her 5th birthday. Although, I would not say that I’m a Disney die hard, the one time I have been to Disneyland, the minute I walked through … Continue reading

What is on Your Christmas Wish List?

As a scrapper, I’m always thinking of things that I want to add to my wish list. I mean, the possibilities of supplies are endless in this crazy world of scrapbooking. Since I am a frugal scrapper, there are always more of those coveted items on my wishlist that are full price, and to die for cute. There are two ways that I can think of to get the more expensive things that you want on your list. First, is to watch the sale ads. You can find some great deals on scrapbooking supplies right now with all the Christmas … Continue reading

Everything 4 Mom: Photo Bracelet

Let’s be realistic. You cannot take your scrapbook with you everywhere you go. I know it would be great if you could but simply cannot fit it all in your purse. However, you can surround yourself, more specifically your wrist, with the core of scrapbooking: your photos. One of the joys of scrapbooking is showcasing those you love and events you never want to forget. Since you cannot take your much loved and creative scrapbook with you everywhere you can wear your beloved family and friends around your wrist with a photo bracelet. A photo bracelet makes a wonderful accessory … Continue reading

Black Friday Deals for Scrapbook Supplies

I am not a person that likes to shop. I especially don’t like to shop when there are lots of crowds to push my way through. So, as you can guess, I’m a Black Friday virgin. I’ve never done it. I’ve never gone out at 4am for a deal. But, this year, it might be different. I started couponing recently and have realized that I don’t ever want to pay full price for, well….anything. So, I thought I might give Black Friday a try this year. Then, I thought, Black Friday Scrapbooking supplies!! Could it be true? Well, here are … Continue reading

Fall Themed Scrapbooking Papers

Fall is my favorite time of year. Absolute favorite. I love the leaves. I love the food. I love the crisp weather. I love the excitement of that first snow. Everything about it to me is perfection. So, I’m on the hunt for finding the perfect fall scrapbooking papers as well. So, I thought I’d share a few fall collections in the scrapbook world that are perfect for scrapping your fall photos this year. *We R Memory Keepers-Maple Grove Collection: This collection has everything you want in a fall scrapbook. Cute trees, fall leaves, and lots of words that make … Continue reading

The Scrapbook Tool I Can’t Live Without

I can’t afford to purchase a ton of scrapbooking tools. Rather, I’m a serial drooler. I stare enviously at all of the tools available for semi-avid scrappers like myself, but I am forced to stick with just the essentials. Of course, my “essentials” and your “essentials” could differ greatly. For example, my mom can scrapbook with a simple pair of scissors and a bunch of adhesives. Unfortunately, I wasn’t born with as steady a hand. Consequently, one of the scrapbook tools I can’t live without is a paper cutter or paper trimmer. It is entirely possible to design amazing scrapbook … Continue reading

Scrapbook Kit Clubs: How does it work?

Have you ever tried joining a Scrapbooking Kit Club? These have become more and more popular over the past few years, and it is the way to get the latest, newest, and cutest stuff for sure! I have joined one of these clubs, and I had so much fun waiting for each kit to come delivered to my door in the mail. It was like Christmas every month! While I’m not sure that these kit clubs can save you a ton of money, they might save you a little on the newest styles and brands of scrapbooking supplies. It is … Continue reading

Choosing Materials

There are so many options available for use in scrapbooking projects. Depending on the size and type of scrapbook you are using, you must choose appropriate materials. Let’s take a look at the options that are most commonly used in scrapbooking: Scissors While traditional scissors come in very handy for scrapbooking, paper edging scissors can be useful and offer several different options as well. They have scalloped edges, ribbon edges and several other blades for cutting paper to make decorative edges. Stamps Whether you choose wood rubber stamps or clear stamps, using stamps to add designs to your pages is … Continue reading