Summer Stamping

If you are a fan of rubber stamping, then you’re going to love all of the options available for summer. From suns to swimming pools, swimsuits to sailboats, seasonal stamps abound. What’s more, if you play your cards right, you can enjoy summer scramping without breaking a sweat. Places such as Addicted to Rubber Stamps and Impress Rubber Stamps offer hundreds of thousands of choices for scrappers who can’t create a layout without a few stamps. Both companies make it easy for scrappers to find just the right stamp embellishment, thanks in large part to their theme arrangements. For example, … Continue reading

Use Stamps To Spruce Up Your Scrapbooks

If you’re looking for ideas to spruce up your scrapbooking projects them stamps could be a great place to start. Stamps are a great thing to have on hand. Stamps can take an ordinary piece of paper and turn it into something magical. If you’re just starting to use stamps in your projects here are a few tips for getting the most out of stamping: Buy Generic Stamps: Sure that duck stamp might be cute, but if you can’t use it more than once then it’s going to be pretty useless after a while. Before buying specialty stamps try investing … Continue reading

Using the Back of an Acrylic Stamp to Create Backgrounds

Acrylic stamps or clear stamps are some of the most popular stamps right now. They are much easier to use, organize and store than the traditional wood and rubber stamps. Plus, there are a variety of different uses they have that wood stamps just don’t. Let me show you one of my favorite ways to use an acrylic stamp. I love making backgrounds with the backside of my acrylic stamps. It gives the stamped image an extra pop that it might not have had otherwise. Plus there is no need to color in the image, because its done for you … Continue reading

Coloring Your Stamped Images With Chalk

Chalks are awesome, they are a great tool to use when looking for a soft, subtle look and they can be used in a variety of ways on your scrapbooking layouts. Chalks are very easy to use and usually mistakes can be fixed very easily. Here I would like to show you how great chalk can be to color in your stamped images or use in other ways on your scrapbooking layouts. There are several different ways that you can purchase your chalk, however I prefer to use the kind that come the way the picture shows. The reason for … Continue reading

Coloring With Colored Pencils

Obviously there are a dozen different ways you can incorporate colored pencil coloring into your scrapbooking. From titles, to journaling, to embellishments to clip art, there are so many great ways to use it. However, another fun use for colored pencils is coloring your stamped images. These stamped images can then be used for cards or adhered to a scrapbook layout. Colored pencils are great fun to use because they allow for a couple of different looks depending on how you use them to color. If you use a sharpened colored pencil, which I actually do not recommend very often, … Continue reading

Using Markers To Color Your Stamped Images

Markers are the most commonly used way to color in your stamped images. The best part is that they come in a wide variety of types and shades of color. This allows you maximum flexibility when trying to coordinate or match your colors to your scrapbooking layouts. Markers are also extremely easy to find and fairly inexpensive. There is not a right or wrong type of marker to use on your stamped images, but each type of marker will achieve a different look. You can even mix and match different types of markers to color in the same image, so … Continue reading

Using Watercolor Pencils With Your Stamps

The ease and versatility of a water color pencil is amazing. There are so many cool ways to use water color pencils in your art, which can then be turned into scrapbook layouts and cards to give to others. They are very simple to use, easy to locate at a variety of stores, as well as being fairly inexpensive. I would like to show you how cool using water color pencils to color in your stamped images can be. There are several ways that you can use water color pencils to achieve different effects in your artwork. To begin with, … Continue reading

Coloring Your Stamped Images

Once you have stamped an image onto a piece of paper or cardstock, there are several things you can do, or not do. We will discuss these ideas and you can choose the one that works best for your project. A stamped image can look great all by itself, but most stampers and scrapbookers decide to color in their image or alter the image in some way. Many choose colored stamp pads to add the color that way. For the sake of this article, we are going to assume that you are looking for different ways to color in the … Continue reading

Designing With Stamps On Your Scrapbook Layouts

Have you ever found that you don’t have the right embellishment for a page, or perhaps your background isn’t to your liking? Maybe you have an idea in your head, but you cannot seem to find what you are looking for at the stores or online. Or maybe you just want to be really creative and make your own designs. Well, you can. Using rubber stamps is certainly not a new trend. In fact, stamping has been around just as long as scrapbooking, but many think they aren’t creative or talented enough to try it. I promise that with some … Continue reading

Have You Seen Studio G Stamps?

These stamps are the coolest little stamps out there. I have had a serious passion for stamping for longer than I have been scrapbooking. However I got the stamping fever a couple of years ago and have gone crazy getting all the terrific sets I just “must have”. However, when I finally lay my eyes on these little gems, I knew I’d be hooked and I had to have them all. Studio G is not a brand new company, but they are continuously coming out with new lines. They also seem to make a huge impact in the scrapbook world … Continue reading