Scrappy Blog Mania

A few years ago when I was scrapping a ton, scrapbook blogs weren’t all that popular. Maybe they were, and I just didn’t know it because I didn’t have a blog myself at the time. But, now that I currently run 4 blogs, aside from writing here, I have blogging on my mind. Big surprise huh? The thing that has amazed me is that in the year or so that I took off from scrapbooking after my 2nd child was born, it seems the scrapbooking blogging world exploded. When I am on message boards, and forums, everyone is promoting their … Continue reading

It’s Called Faithbooking!

Many women are using scrapbooking as an expression of their faith. They either want to leave a legacy for simply want to use this as a means of worship. This new idea in scrapbooking is catching on with women of faith who want to express themselves creatively. Faithbooking is simply scrapping about your faith. You do not need to be artistic or a scrapbooking maven. You simply need the desire to express your faith through a scrapbooking format. What do you need? Scrapbook Scrapbook pages Scissors Adhesive Scrapbooking pens or simply type up your thoughts. Embellishments, optional Photos Ideas for … Continue reading

Introducing Scrapbook Blogger

It is no laughing matter the way the scrapbooking industry and grown in every single way. From new methods of scrapbooking to new innovative products just for scrapbookers, it continues to change every single day. And now there is a whole new concept. If you are a scrapbooker, you might truly find this to be right up your alley. Introducing What do they do there? They make photo books from your blog or blog posts. Sounds cool right? This innovative idea was started by Ashley Cuttino, a lawyer, scrapbooker, blogger and mom who thought it would make a cool … Continue reading

Welcome to My Place at

Scrapbooking is a wonderful use of your time, as you preserve your memories for your children and future family. Creating pages, telling a story and showing it all off in an album is certainly one way to do it, but wouldn’t it be really cool to be able to share it with family out of state a lot faster? That’s when you need your very own website. Are you looking for a free website to show off your layouts and perhaps even get to know others? Then My Place, which is the name that has given its personal site … Continue reading

ScrapWow – The Scrapbooker’s Playground

ScrapWow is the newest thing to hit the scrapbooking world. I discovered it by accident when a friend sent me to her website and I realized it was hosted by ScrapWow. I wanted to find out more and was so excited and impressed, I just knew I had to share it with my scrapbook friends. The ScrapWow website offers you an innovative and easy way to have your very own scrapbook website that is entirely yours. It also offers you the opportunity to share your scrapbook pages online with all of your friends and family. It is really easy to … Continue reading

Hanging Out in the Scrapbook Store (2)

Face it, scrapbook stores are overwhelming, especially if you’re not very familiar with how it all works. In fact, every store is different, so its impossible to predict a stores layout or what they will have. All four of our stores carry totally different stuff. In an earlier article, I discussed the first couple parts of a scrapbook store, and now I will continue on with more. Sample Layout Area Sample layouts are usually posted in various locations at any scrapbook store. Often they are created to increase awareness of a class or crop. Two scrapbook stores here locally, actually … Continue reading

Hanging Out in the Scrapbook Store (1)

Have you ever entered a scrapbook store and been totally overwhelmed? Where do you start? What products do you need? How do you decide what works for the pictures you want to scrapbook? Let’s hang out in a scrapbook store and see how it all works. Window Shopping While you can window shop at a scrapbook store, I will warn you now, that it is not the same. Yes, new products will be shown, and often layouts and big gadgets that the store wants you to purchase, but it is not a good place to start. The Front Door Seems … Continue reading

Finding and Using Scrapbooking Message Boards

Every scrapbooker desires to share their passion with others. Not only to spread the word about their addiction, but to also connect and grow friendships with other scrapbookers. Being able to share your hobby with someone else, or several someone elses, can be rewarding to say the very least. Scrapbooking message boards have cropped up, pardon the pun, all over the Internet. A simple search will find you dozens of sites, where you can go and get just about any type of scrapbooking information from regular scissor and paper scrapbooking to digital. While there are several very popular scrapbooking message … Continue reading

Finding Scrapbooking Goodies On The Internet

Using the Internet for scrapbooking is a wonderful way to get free resources to use in your albums. There are many different ways to use the Internet, and hundreds of sites available to the scrapbooker if you just know where to look. Here are several ways you can use the Internet to help you with layouts and more. Fonts My favorite thing to find on the Internet is fonts. I know that’s the same for many scrapbookers. I am a font junkie and one of my computer’s (yes, I have several) has over 5000 fonts stored on it. I have … Continue reading

Stampin’ Up Profile and Interview (3)

We have been talking to Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, Kimberlee Patton about the company and her home business. Stampin’ Up! is a direct sales company offering card making, crafting and scrapbooking supplies through home sales, parties and catalog orders. Here is the last part of the three part interview. Nicole: Are you allowed to have a website and/or sell online? Kimberlee: We are able to set up a website through the company. Our catalogs are now online, but it’s not possible to order online. The only thing we are allowed to sell online is retired products or personal creations, such as … Continue reading