You’re Never Too Old for Chocolate

If I had to choose a quote that best sums up the non-religious aspect of Easter it would be just as the title of this blog reads: “You’re never too old for chocolate.” That or: “It’s never too early for chocolate!” I firmly back both statements and have not been shy about using the quotes in various scrapbooks. I’ve incorporated the words in Easter, Christmas and Halloween-themed layouts. Unfortunately, I think I may have worn them out a bit. This year I will still pepper a few of my Easter layouts with quotes, but not ones that make reference to … Continue reading

Putting Poems in Layouts

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, which is why I wallpaper my scrapbook layouts with photos. I am a photographer at heart; the scrapbooking thing is just something I picked up in order to kick my photo albums up a few notches. I’m really not that crafty, but I love all the different options scrapbooking offers. In fact, when done correctly I think you can make existing images look even better by placing them in a scrapbook layout. One technique I have been experimenting with this year is the incorporation of poems in layouts. With Easter right around … Continue reading

Egg-cellent Scrapbook Ideas

With Easter just a couple of weeks away, my local scrapbook supply shop is decked out in egg-straordinary cute decor. In addition, the main display table has been reconstructed to look like a huge Easter basket filled with scrapbook tools, paper, embellishments and books filled with egg-citing layout ideas. This may be one of the first times when I have gravitated more towards the adorable Easter-themed scrapbook paper than the festive stickers that I typically covet. I fell in love with a variety pack of paper that features vibrant-colored Easter eggs in an array of different sizes. The sample layouts … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Quotes for Your Scrapbook

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to scrapbook. The colors of the changing leaves, the smell of fall in the air and all the family gathered together over a feast all make for great photos and memories. You will want to remember these memories for a lifetime so scrapbook about it while the time is still fresh. To help you with your scrapbooking here are some great quotes and sayings to add to your pages. Thanksgiving Quotes and Sayings for Your Scrapbook: Judy Hand (author): An open home, an open heart, here grows a bountiful harvest. French Proverb: Gratitude is the … Continue reading

Scrapping the End of 2010

I love the holidays just as much as the next guy, but let’s get through Halloween before we start concentrating on New Year’s Eve, or is that too much to ask from retail America? Yesterday my local scrapbook supply shop erected a New Year’s Eve sticker, stamp and die-cut display. I was too disgusted by its timing that I didn’t even bother to browse through the clearly marked “BRAND NEW” items. My defiant act should not be misinterpreted. I have nothing against New Year’s Eve scrapbook themes. In fact, I made a few memorable layouts utilizing the party theme just … Continue reading

Single Holiday Scrapbooks

There’s no better excuse to scrap than a festive holiday. Whereas I have seen some scrappers create holiday-theme scrapbooks featuring a number of holidays (in chronological order), from New Year’s Eve all the way to Christmas in the same book, I prefer to scrap one holiday at a time. Meaning the title of my scrapbooks read, “Thanksgiving 2009” or “Christmas 2008,” and include photos and memorabilia specific to that holiday. If you are not an avid photographer and you don’t have enough photos to fill a single book or you simply don’t have that many activities to document, then you … Continue reading

Recording Christmas Decoration Memories

Many of your Christmas Decorations tell a story. They have a history or a reason that you chose them, or were given them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to pass these memories on to future generations so they understand why you decorate the way you do? For Christmas, often we decorate the same way each year. A purchase might be made because there is the perfect spot waiting to hold it. Whether it is a bowl on the kitchen table filled with pine cones and berries or the Christmas garland you bought to go over the fireplace, they tell a story … Continue reading