Busy Summer Scrapbooking

According to the owner of my local scrapbook supply shop, summer is her slowest time of the year. Ironically, summer is when I do the bulk of my memory book-making. Perhaps, it’s because my daughter is off of school during the summer and we tend to craft more when she is home. However, I have a feeling that the reason I complete more scrapbooks in the summer months is because I take more pictures during June, July and August than other months. While the rest of the world puts their cameras to use extensively during the holidays (October, November and … Continue reading

Tropical-Themed Layouts

Now that summer is here many avid scrapbook fans are jetting off to spend part of the season in tropical locales. While there they will likely be snapping photos and collecting mementos to feature in vacation scrapbooks. Of course, not everyone one returns from tropical getaways with a ton of pictures and perfectly preserved souvenirs. If you’re looking to create a memory album to commemorate your summer trip to Hawaii, the Caribbean or another sunny destination, but have very few items to showcase, don’t fret. Fortunately, there are a slew of tropical-themed scrapbook supplies on the market that will help … Continue reading

Down by the Sea

Don’t let a summer trip to the beach go to waste. While your family is having fun in the sun, be sure to snap photos of their adventures in the sand and surf. Pictures of your kids chasing seagulls, collecting seashells, swimming, surfing, sunbathing, flying a kite or reading under a colorful beach umbrella are the heart and soul of a beach vacation-themed scrapbook. In addition to snapping images of your trip, consider jotting down some of the funniest or most poignant memories to feature in journaling blocks. If you don’t have the time or energy to write down anecdotes … Continue reading

Preserving Summer Memories

Now that summer has officially arrived, there’s no time like the present to preserve all those seasonal memories. Whether it’s a cross-country trip to grandma’s house, experiencing the thrills and chills of a world-famous theme park or having fun in the sun at the beach, don’t forget to pack your camera so that you can document every fun-filled moment. Once you get home you can sort through your shots and create a storyline of your summer fun in a themed scrapbook. While you are organizing your pictures think of ways to pair them with appropriate embellishments that will make your … Continue reading

Cruise Into Scrapbooking

One of my daughter’s second grade classmates spent spring break on a Disney cruise. She returned with a tan and a scrapbook of her high seas adventures, but this was no ordinary memory book. Leave it to the imagineers at Disney to come up with a way to create a 3D scrapbook in the shape of a cruise ship. I’ve never seen anything like it before, and I assume you can only get one if you set sail on the floating House of Mouse. However, just because you can’t get your hands on a pop-up cruise ship scrapbook, doesn’t mean … Continue reading

From Spring Break to Scrapbook

Five kids from my daughter’s second grade class are spending spring break with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. Yup, they are jetting down to Orlando for the week and my daughter isn’t letting me forget it. Her classmates will be joining tens of thousands of other families who plan to spend spring break in the house of mouse. I’m sure those moms and dads will be snapping plenty of pictures to show off to family and friends. While most of the images will likely make it on Facebook, I’m sure at least a few will find special spots in vacation … Continue reading

More Spring Break Scrapbook Ideas

You know you are a diehard scrapper when you actually look forward to the end of your spring break getaway, so you can go home and start crafting your vacation memory book. For scrapbook junkies a vacation is a means to an end. The minute they get home from the beach, the slopes or their favorite foreign city they get busy organizing their memorabilia, printing up photographs and shopping for embellishments. My aunt does it all the time. She and her family barely get through the door and she’s already sketching potential layouts. If you are looking to make the … Continue reading

Scrapping a Trip to Paradise

When it comes to scrapping a trip to Hawaii, I am your go-to gal. I was born and raised in Hawaii, but never considered featuring my hometown in a scrapbook until I got married there. In subsequent years I’ve created multiple scrapbooks starring the Aloha State, and all its glory, as it pertains to annual family vacations we take there. If you are planning to scrap a family getaway to Hawaii, Mexico or any other tropical locale, and are looking for a way to organize a book dedicated to showing off your favorite memories, consider the following ideas: Color Scheme: … Continue reading

Favorite Layouts

What is your all-time favorite scrapbook layout? Is it a page dedicated to the birth of your child? A layout of you and your spouse exchanging vows on your wedding day? Or one that includes the entire family during a holiday celebration? One of my favorite, favorite, favorite layouts features my daughter’s first beach adventures. The photos of her frolicking in the waves are phenomenal, but the highlight of the page is the actual theme: “Message in a Bottle.” I cut out frosted rice paper to form the shape of a huge bottle. Then, I filled it with some journaling … Continue reading