Scripted Romance


Many years ago I let my husband off the hook—the one where he gets hung up for failing to come through on Valentine’s Day.  I used to have lots of expectations until I began to realize something….his love for me is shown on a daily basis.  So why expect him to do something extravagant one day a year?

Now, I’m not knocking those couples who go all out for Valentine’s Day.  Maybe it’s the fact we’ve been married for more than two decades or it could be we have grown too comfortable—who knows?

I just know that my husband feels less pressure about doing the right thing.  Besides, as is the case for many men, the romantic gene just isn’t in him.

Then again, we have to consider where we even get our ideas of romance from.  Do they come from the books we read or the movies we watch?

This might sound crazy but in my early years of marriage, I used to measure my husband’s level of romance against the guys who starred in Lifetime Original movies.

The reality is that I was absolutely addicted to these movies. So much so that they became the official measuring line as to whether or not my husband was saying and doing the right things.

He just couldn’t compete with the steamy scenes and clever lines delivered by men who were actually reading a script.  I know…hard to believe I had lost sight of that, but I did.

Women tend to be more emotional, so it’s easy to fall prey to this.  Okay, at least for me it was.  Thankfully time and maturity has made me realize that as nice as a card and roses may be on Valentine’s Day, what’s even more special is that I get to be the recipient of my husband’s love every single day…all without a script.