Search for a New Bathroom at Lowe’s

Yesterday, Sunday, my family and I spent hours in our local Lowe’s home improvement store searching for a new bathroom vanity for our downstairs powder room.

In fact, we have to redo the whole bathroom. Right now, it contains a cheap blue carpet (ew carpet in the bathroom) that the previous owners used to hide the water damage to the sub floor beneath. The current sink itself is not bad, with the exception of years of hard water stains that bleach and a pumice stone have not completely eliminated. However, the sink is just attached to the wall, and the old plumbing is available to view. We would like to hide the plumbing, establish a little bit of extra storage, and prevent our kids from continuously clocking their heads on the bottom of the sink. We would also like to replace the old faucets.

The current medicine cabinet is truly atrocious. The mirrored sliding doors are so old that they actually have areas where the silver is coming off. The style is hopelessly clunky and outdated with a plastic cover that is over the lighted top and is a smoke color–not gray but the yellow you would associate with cigarette smoke.

The toilet itself isn’t in bad shape, especially after we replaced the splintering wood seat with a new white one. We will probably leave the toilet as is.

Because of budget constraints and the desire to do it ourselves quickly, we decided to go with a ready made vanity and sink top, rather than a custom one. We will fix the sub-floor and replace the carpet with vinyl tile. Later, we may replace the tile with ceramic tile or stone tile, but we needed a quick, durable solution for now.

Because of the limits of the space, we have to choose a vanity that is under 28 inches. Most ready made vanity sets are 30 inches are up, so this limited our choices a bit. At the moment, we are looking at two different vanity sets. The vanity will determine the rest of the room, from floor color to accessories.

Which one do you like?

vanity1 or vanity 2

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