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file000132267159Want to take advantage of a secret online shopping discount? You could save $10, $20, $30 or a heft percentage off of your final check out bill if you take advantage of it. Not all retailers participate in this unadvertised discount, but those who do will practically pay you to shop.

Here is what you do. Sign up with the shopping website or store. You will need to make sure that you register with a valid email address. This is because once you try this trick, the store may send you a discount code or incentive through email, and you will need to be able to retrieve it.

Next, shop as you usually might, placing the items that you want into your cart. Don’t check all the way out, though. Instead, leave the check out incomplete and walk away from the cart. Then wait a day or two and check your email. Chances are that you may be offered a great incentive to complete the check out. Most of the time these discounts are delivered through email, but if your email account is the same one that you use for your Facebook log in, you may be offered the discount there in your news feed.

That is all that you need to do. You never know what kind of incentives the stores will give you in order to make that sale, especially if you have never shopped with that particular store before. I was recently offered a free shipping code that saved me about $12 off of a purchase I was going to make anyway.

Of course, this secret trick only works if you don’t need to purchase something immediately. That is why it makes sense to shop early when you can. You will also avoid any last-minute express shipping fees, and you’ll have time to do your price comparisons as well.

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