Seven Ways to Enjoy Movies on a Budget

movies on a budgetIn a tight budget, entertainment is usually one of the first line items to go, or at least to be reduced drastically. One of the favorite ways that most of us entertain ourselves is through television or movies. Here are seven ways that you can enjoy movies, even when you are on a budget.

1. Free Rentals. Redbox, the movie rental machine that is available at many grocery stores and drug stores offers movie (and game) rentals for $1 or $2 a night. This is inexpensive in itself, however, the company also offers Redbox coupon codes that can be used for free movie rentals!

2. The Library. Borrow movies from your local library for free or in some cases a very small fee. You may be surprised, but most libraries have a lot of different titles, including new releases. In the event that your library doesn’t have the exact title you are looking to borrow, you can ask that it be available through inter-library loan.

3. Put together a regular movie swap with friends and family or in the office place. You’ll cut down on the expense of buying movies and the clutter. Plus you may discover some new favorites based on the recommendations of those you are swapping among.

4. Get a Netflix streaming membership. For only $7.99, per month, you can watch as many movies and television shows as you want without commercials. Watch them on your television or on your computer. You’ll need a streaming device for the television, but since most video game systems can also act as streaming devices, and most new televisions have them already built in, you probably already have what you need.

5. Garage sales and thrift stores. Your local Goodwill probably has several shelves full of movies on DVD or for old school, VHS, priced anywhere from $1 to $3. For less than the cost of a rental, you can keep the movie or resell it when you are done. Garage sales often feature boxes of movies, Many times they will even give away ones on VHS.

6. Movie theater deals. There are several movie theater deals available if you do a little research, from free advance screenings to $2 discount days and free summer movies or discounted tickets you can purchase at a township or civic center. At the very least, purchasing tickets for a matinée instead of more popular evening showings can save you a few bucks.

7. Free community viewings. Many communities offer free movie viewings for anyone who is interested in a fun event. Often, there are free snacks included as well. Check local townships and city centers, local businesses and civic groups, the library, senior centers and more.