Shake It Off

Today I read a story about an old donkey who had fallen into his farmer’s well one day. The farmer fretted and stewed about what to do with the animal. Ultimately he decided that it was far too much work to get the donkey out, the animal was old and he was planning on covering up the well anyway. So he along with some neighbors grabbed a few shovels and began throwing dirt into the well. The donkey realized what was happening and cried out pitifully. After a few moments the animal quieted down and began shaking the dirt off its back. Each time a shovel of dirt came over the ledge, the donkey shook it off and stepped a little further up, until it crawled out of the well, and to everyone’s astonishment, happily trotted back to the pasture.

So often we feel as if we are drowning in our own well of trials. We are suffering with the challenges life has thrown at us, and have ultimately found ourselves parenting alone. Life isn’t easy. The weight of the world is on your shoulders and there is no one there to lighten your load. At times you may find yourself feeling completely overwhelmed at the daunting tasks that lay before you. You may find yourself crying out pitifully as you try to find a solution to your problems. You may look up feeling completely helpless, like the farmer’s donkey, but if we learn to shake the dirt off our backs, there will be a way up.

Life is going to throw dirt on top of you from time to time. You can choose to let it weigh you down; it will bury you if you let it. Or you can shake it off and take a step up until you reach the top of the well. The choice is up to you.