Shoes for My Daughter Part II

Having purchased several pairs of shoes (granted they were all from a consignment shop for children’s gently used clothes) for my infant daughter that she either only wore once or twice or not at all, I decided to let the whole shoe wearing urge go for the summer.  My daughter spent the remainder of the warm weather blissfully and gleefully shoe free.

Once the weather started to turn cool, I was on the hunt again for footwear for my daughter (who at this point was ten months old and has already taken her first steps). This time around, however, I was on the prowl for boots to go with warm tights!  I made a weekly trip the the same said children’s consignment shop looking for boots (and consequently tights).  I briefly considered purchasing several pairs on several different occasions but nothing I saw was what I really had in mind (maybe a close third or even fourth).

What I have discovered though my infant girl shoe shopping endeavors is that most little girl shoes are far too colorful, loud, and (in my opinion) tacky.  Who needs shoes that are hot pink, purple, orange, black, and white, with leopard print on the sides and glitter glued all over?  Gross!  What I want for my daughter are a couple pairs of boots/shoes that can be worn with almost all her outfits without looking gaudy and out of place. Clearly that is too much to ask!

Finally, after thanksgiving, I found a nice simple and comfy pair of red patent leather boots (at consignment) for my daughter.  I knew that she could wear those boots with several outfits including a red knit sweater dress that I bought for the Christmas (Valentine’s) season.  The first time I put them on her, she was a little upset.  She would not stand up in them no matter how much I coaxed and helped her.  She was determined to sit in a squat until I took them off of her feet…

(To be continued …)