Shoes for My Daughter Part IV

Finding shoes for my daughter has been a huge struggle between finding shoes that are affordable, comfortable, and something that she could wear with anything.  With weekly perusals at the children’s consignment shop and finding very little that met my criteria, I was relieved when my mother-in-law expressed the desire to buy my children shoes.  However, I was met with similar issues in the children’s shoe department. While most of the shoes were very cute and colorful and pricey,  I was only getting one, possibly two, pairs of shoes.  I wanted to find some shoes that had the comfort of a tennis shoe with the style of a dress shoe, a black dress shoe to be exact.

Having no luck at the department stores, we made our way to the only children’s shoe store in our moderately sized city.  I usually shy away from this particular shoe store because the shoes are not only quite expensive, they also rarely meet my style taste.  When we walked in, I immediately saw a pair of black patent leather Mary Janes; those were the first for her to try on her little feet.  Further down the infant shoe wall was another pair of black patent leather dress shoes that had a rather large leather flower on the velcro strap; my daughter would try these on too.  Finally, there was a pair of gray leather boots with a super comfy insole.  The gray boots would be really nice to switch up her red leather boots and unlike the red boots (which I only pair with clothes that have a red accent) would go with almost anything.  The only downside to the boots was that they had bright pink stitching instead of gray making them a little less neutral that I would like (but certainly better than everything else I had seen)…

(To be continued …)