Benefits of Shopping the Easter Clearance Deals

Benefits of Shopping the Easter Clearance Deals | Families.comHead to your favorite stores the day after to get some great Easter clearance deals. The bargains are so good that I know one mom who puts off the Easter baskets and the egg hunts until after Easter, just so she doesn’t have to pay full price. Smart lady.

Many stores start there Easter clearance on Monday, the day after Easter, with bargains from 50 to 90 percent off. Don’t wait long, though, because these clearance sales, especially for popular stores such as Target, are very popular.

Zone in on the candy first, and freeze it for later use. You can serve it frozen to the kids in the summer (especially the Snickers and other candy bars), or use it in dessert recipes of for toppings for ice cream.

Next, look for Easter basket fillers that can be held and used for stocking stuffers or birthday gifts. Full-sized stuffed animals are good for gifts, and can be used to donate to various charities. Smaller items, such as pencils, bouncy balls, stickers and more can also be used for classroom gifts. Sidewalk chalk can be used in the summer, even if it is shaped like an egg. So can bubbles.

I have noticed that with Easter Clearance deals, sometimes other items not directly related to Easter but often purchased anyway are also on clearance or sales, such as board games, video games and more. Children’s toothbrushes, especially electric ones, are another slightly strange item that tends to go on clearance right after Easter.

If you have a little girl, check out pretty Easter dresses that will be discounted. You can use them throughout the spring and summer. The same goes for little easter bonnets, shoes, purses and other accessories. You ma also find some cute little Easter suits and outfits for boys, provided that you need sizes for toddlers or preschoolers.




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