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Should America Grant Asylum to German Homeschoolers

A German family has made its way to the foothills of the Tenessee Smoky Mountains. They want asylum because the German Governments is reportedly persecuting them for homeschooling and for their religious beliefs.

“Romeike, like many conservative parents in the U.S., said he wanted to teach his own children because his children’s German school textbooks contained language and ideas that conflicted with his family’s values. He had to pay fines equivalent to hundreds of dollars for his decision, and he’s afraid that if he returns to Germany, police will arrest him and government authorities will take away his children, who range in age from 11 to 3.”

An immigration judge in Memphis will hear the case this week.

The comments associated with this article and many others like it are overwhelmingly against granting this family asylum. Asylum is for people whose lives are in danger they say. Being forced to go to school is hardly as bad as rape, torture, and death, they say. Of the 12,158 people who answered the poll however, 56.34% of people don’t agree with the commenters. I guess that makes it clear that the dissenting people make the most noise.

Personally, I have no reason to believe that this family does not deserve to stay here for no other reason than their children were forced into school against their own will. At the same time it worries me that we could end up with a large influx of Germans who want to homeschool if this family gets asylum.

What do you think?

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