Should Homeschoolers and Public School Children Play Together?

Sounds like a silly question doesn’t it?

Well, it is actually the cause for debate in Georgia right now. Currently, SB 85, a bill that allows Equal Access to Extracurricular Activities for home/private school students is being discussed in the Georgia General Assembly. SB 85 is a BILL “to amend Part 14 of Article 6 of Chapter 2 of Title 20 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to other educational programs, so as to provide that home school students and private school students may participate in extracurricular activities of public schools; to provide a short title; to provide a definition; to provide for conditions of participation; to provide for nondiscrimination against such students; to provide for related matters; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.” In short, The bill will allow homeschoolers and private school students to join public schoolers in their extra curricular activities. and also to define under what conditions they can participate.

To some it sounds like a good idea for homeschooled kids, though they would have to pay an additional fee, would have the benefit of services their taxes pay for. For the team in general, there would also be greater access to a talented pool of students for competition. However, there are people on both sides who are opposed.

Many homeschoolers are opposed to HB 85 it because they feel that along with public school privileges, homeschoolers will also be saddled with public school restrictions.

Homeschool opponents are opposed to it because they feel that if homeschoolers want to be separate, they need to stay separate and not be allowed to pick and choose where they will participate.

I am really on the fence on this one leaning a bit towards not liking the proposed legislation. While I like the idea of not having to travel across the county for homeschool activities, which are often postponed, and even discontinued without notice, I don’t feel I need the local public school telling me how to homeschool, when they know nothing about homeschooling per se.

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