Should You Count Calories?

Counting calories has gone by the wayside. No one liked doing it so every diet marketer tried to find ways to eliminate counting calories. You will see when a diet is advertised that a highlight is “no counting calories.” The reason you do not have to count the calories is because someone already did that for you. While, you may find that an added feature you will pay for it. You can add so why not simply add the calories? Counting calories has been disguised by point systems, prepared meals, and rigid diets. Dieters follow these points and plans precisely and then claim it was the diet that worked. Yes, the diet or point system worked but only because someone already counted your calories.

Dieters claim they can lose weight by cutting out food and watching what they eat. Some are discouraged when this simple method does not work. It sounds logical enough, right? However, if you are not counting your calories you may not be cutting out enough or you may be cutting out too much. In addition, dieters who are not working out or who work out and claim no results may have a calorie conflict. What they eat is not being burned during their workout. All your hard work may result in maintaining your present weight or gaining weight. Then the attitude is that weight loss is hard or impossible.

Counting calories is not archaic. It is a logical way to figure out how much you consume and how much you burn so you can successfully lose weight. At the core losing weight is a matter of a simply math equation. You must burn more calories then you consume. You cannot calculate that without counting the calories. You need to know how many calories you eat and how much your exercise of choice burns. Once you get the math down you will begin to see the expected result.

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