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free samplesIn my bedroom right now is a basket that contains a good number of samples of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, toothpaste, dental floss, and lotion. I take from the basket on a regular basis. Each sample yields anywhere from two to ten uses before the envelope, bottle or other container is discarded. I currently have enough samples to last me a few months before I have to break down and actually purchase any of these products. In the kitchen, I have samples of vitamins, granola bars, fruit snacks, protein shake packets, pain reliever (I keep medications out of reach in a high kitchen cabinet) and even napkins.

The truth is that free samples are so abundant that if you sign up for them on a regular basis, you can practically eliminate certain household purchases, especially those for health and beauty products. I gave away a bunch and stopped signing up months ago, because I just don’t have enough room for all of them.

Free samples are easy to come by. You just have to visit free sample websites and blogs. Our own dear Deals blogger, Jen, brings us a number of free samples on a daily basis. Review what is available and then sign up.

Once your free samples come in, it is important to keep them organized. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with fewer savings and more clutter, as I discovered when I found a stash of diaper cream samples hidden away in my basement. My youngest is now six, and long past the diaper creme stage.

What I have found is keeping the samples accessible, such as in my basket near the bathroom, makes them more likely to be used. They are easy to spot, so you don’t forget about them. Make sure to have a small scissors near your stash of samples. Many of them come in packages that are difficult to open otherwise.

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