Simple and Affordable Mother’s Day Fun

Mothers_DayIf your budget doesn’t allow you to lavish mom with expensive gifts this Mother’s Day, don’t fret.  With a little planning and creativity you can make your mom feel like royalty minus the queen’s ransom.

The key to creating memorable Mother’s Day gifts is to make them with love.  The other requirement is to have fun in the process.  The following homemade gift ideas are simple enough for young children to help with; plus, they don’t require a ton of money to make:

Pretty Pots


  • Unglazed terra cotta pot
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Craft glue
  • Embellishments (buttons, gems, stickers, glitter, etc.)


Have each child paint the exterior of a flower pot.  The pots can be purchased very inexpensively from craft and home and garden stores.  Depending on your budget you could have each child in the family make an individual pot for mom.  When the paint is completely dry, embellish the pots by gluing on gems, glitter or buttons.  You could even write M-O-M or add a personal message with the decorations.  Finally, add some colorful flowers and a pretty bow to the pot before presenting it to mom.

Theme Gifts

Before selecting a homemade gift to give mom, consider her likes and dislikes.  For example, if your mom loves gardening, consider customizing a canvas bag with her kids’ handprints.  Simply, have each child dip his or her hands in paint, and then press them on the bag.  Next, fill the bag with seeds, some gloves and a small trowel or pruner.

If your mom loves going to the beach, consider making the following seashell-inspired gifts:

Centerpiece:  Fill a hurricane vase with a few cups of sand.  Next, arrange some shells in a pretty formation on top of the sand, and then add a piece of driftwood and seagrass to complete the look.

Frame:  Glue seashells to an inexpensive wood frame.  You can make a pretty pattern or randomly place the shells to cover all of the wood.  Then, fill the frame with a photo of mom having fun at the beach.

Magnets:  Find or buy medium-sized seashells and attach magnetic strips to the back with a hot glue gun.

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