Simple Method of Decluttering


Spring is in the air.  Okay, maybe not yet.  But the fact we’re nearing the month of March certainly has my eyes on the prize of no more snow and green grass.

So it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning, for those who partake in this time-honored tradition of cleaning the house.  Specifically, I want to look at the concept of decluttering; because I’ve found that by tackling this first, it makes cleaning so much easier.

Here is how I like to approach the clutter monster that tends to overtake my home during the colder months.  My initial focus is strictly on removal.

First, I go through the house and remove garbage.  Or should I say, those items that I don’t need or want and wouldn’t give away (for whatever reason).  It could be things that are broken, out-of-date or unsalvageable.

This requires carrying a garbage can or bag.  And I don’t leave the room until I have gone through every cabinet, drawer and closet.

I don’t clean, I don’t reorganize things.  I simply get rid it.  Then I either take it out to the garbage cans or to the dump, depending on what it is and how much of it I have.

Then I go through each room a second time, removing items I don’t want or need but plan on giving away to others.  There might be family or friends who could use pieces of furniture or secondhand clothing.

You might want to donate the items to a shelter, church or charity.  You could put it out on the curb with a sign that says “Free” or you might tuck it away in the basement, garage or attic until you can hold a rummage sale.

Once I have removed the garbage and the giveaway items, it’s time to go back and reorganize areas that might need it.  For me, this is the simplest way to declutter.