Simple Preschool Craft: Fruit Cereal Rainbow

Quite some time ago, I showed off to friends this simple preschool craft.  It was so easy and yet so much fun for the kids.  You could use it as a jumping off point to teach colors, counting, and sorting.  I posted an image online and it was pinned on Pinterest.  Before I knew it, it was re-pinned over 30 times in just a few hours. I was surprised how many people love the idea.  As I was cleaning out some of our school stuff, I found the project and remembered how popular it was to friends and pinners alike.  So, I decided it would be a fun project to show all of you.  As soon as my girls saw this project from the past they asked if they could do it again.  I have to admit it was pretty fun even though it was super simple.

If you decide to incorporate this project then you may want to use it to teach colors, counting, and sorting.  This is not complicated.  Introduce the colors by asking your child what color each piece of cereal is.  Then simply have your child sort the cereal into the colors you will for your rainbow. As your child applies the cereal to the rainbow outline or white piece of paper, have her count the cereal.  Yes, you can get more complicated with these lessons but you don’t have to.  Just have fun and make memories!

Fruit Loop Rainbow

Recommended Age:  Toddler-Preschool

Teacher Prep:  Minimal

Lessons:  colors, color sorting, rainbows

Use:  St. Patrick’s Day, study on Noah’s Ark, Creation, Colors


  • Fruit Loops or another colorful cereal
  • Tacky Glue
  • Paper
  • Rainbow outline or white paper and draw the lines yourself.


1.  Sort the cereal by color.
2.  Glue cereal on paper with or without a rainbow outline.
3.  Wait for it to dry and you are done!