Single Parenting: How to Feel Good Again (Or At Least Semi-Human)

Divorced or Widowed? There is no doubt that you are not feeling yourself these days. On some days it may even be hard to get out of bed. So why bother? I will tell you why. Walk through your house. There are signs of life everywhere…scattered toys, little cups, action figures, Barbie dolls. Go into the bedrooms and see your sleeping children. That is why you must do it.

Feeling good again after a divorce or the death of a spouse is like trying to put on a pair of size 6 pants when you are a size 8. It is almost impossible, but there is hope with some major concentrated effort. You need to realize that there are other people that value you and need you. Do it for the ones that want you in their lives and do it for yourself because you are a special person.

The first mistake is to ask why this happened. It happened and that is all that counts right now. You have to recover and be healthy in body and mind again. To ask why will only slow you down in doing this. Concentrate on the every day matters and try to focus on the task.

Be good to yourself and attempt to look good each day. If you sit around unkempt, you will only feel worse. Take a shower, do your hair, put on make-up. Tell yourself that you are in control and read inspiring things that will uplift you. Do not read the newspaper.

Help someone else. Volunteer your time. Clean and donate things. Clear any clutter. Organize. Do anything that will keep you busy.

Surround yourself with optimists. Stay away from pessimism, gossip, and idle chatter. Think good thoughts.

Take a walk each day. It will help with any depression. Exercise is not only good for the body, but also for the soul.

Contemplate what you have learned through your hardship. Find only the positive aspects and not the negative. Write them down.

Recovering is a process that you must go through, but time will help to dull the aching that you feel in your heart. Tread lightly and consistently and with baby steps if you must. Just keep moving through the steps and you will get there.

Remember that tomorrow is another day and that you are somebody special.

Angel Lynn writes in weight loss, single parenting, and health.

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I am a mom to my precious one and only, a nurse in a heartwarming adult living facility, and a freelance writer. I am "Angel" to the one who has helped me through life for the past 2-1/2 years and has made a joyful difference. I am a featured contributing writer for Rich Women Sisterhood, A Distinctive Style magazine and a writing and health advisor on Just Answer. As well, I write greeting cards, articles in health, relationships, diet, fitness, parenting, and travel. I reside in Upstate, NY and enjoy spending time with my loved ones, writing, the outdoors, and fitness. What I would like to say to others is.......Slow down and enjoy the moment, as you cannot get it back. Dream, believe, hope, but most of all have faith. Be careful with your words...they have the potential to hurt or bring forth joy. Remember, gentleness is a comfort to a wounded heart. Wishing you all many blessings. ~Angel Lynn~