Singles Appreciation Day

Most of the year I don’t mind being single, in fact, there are a lot of things I like about it. I like having time to myself, I like being able to make decisions on my own, and most of all I really like the one-on-one time I get with my son because of it. However, being alone on the holidays can get lonely, especially on ones like today that are so focused on a love that isn’t in your life anymore. While everyone else is getting spoiled with candle lit dinners, you’re at home alone or taking care of … Continue reading

On the Eve of Valentine’s

As a single parent, Valentine’s Day can be a difficult holiday. While the rest of the world is expressing their love and affection for one another, you are alone. My first Valentine’s Day on my own was tough. It was only two week after my husband had left and I was going through a painful divorce, but I tried to make the best of it. So I made a tradition of taking Logan to the zoo. It was a special time for just the two of us to celebrate our love for each other. The next year was a little … Continue reading

Finding Where You Fit In

Since being divorced I feel like I am in a constant state of limbo. Most of my good friends are married now, while others are continuing to enjoy the single life. I am no longer married, but my single life is far different from that of my friends. There are times when I envy both parties. I long for the companionship and support that marriage could bring, and I envy those single friends who can do what they want when they want without a care in the world. I am a mother first, and as such, my priority is to … Continue reading

Failing Isn’t Always a Step Backward

I have led a far from perfect life. There are many choices that I would like to take back. Given the chance I would have done things a little differently, but through the struggles I’ve become more refined. I’ve become the woman I wanted to be. Without those mistakes I would not be who I am today. I found strength I never knew I had and I found it because of a failure, a failure that would become my saving grace. I am a young single mother. I fought long and hard to save my marriage, but ultimately it failed … Continue reading

Flu Season has Struck

It’s been a rough weekend, really rough…really, really rough. I just completed my first week of classes. I was thrilled to be able to have the weekend to catch up on homework from the week, while Logan was at his dad’s; no such luck. About Thursday afternoon I could feel I was coming down with something. My dad had been sick all week and Logan was getting the beginnings of what I thought was a cold on top of that. Our house had become a walking germ, but I prayed it would be short-lived. When Logan came back from his … Continue reading

My Blessing in Disguise

Tomorrow would have marked my 4th anniversary with my ex-husband. It’s hard to remember what life was even like back then, it seems a lifetime ago. I remember feeling in the pit of my stomach that I was making the biggest mistake of my life as I walked down the aisle. My head knew things weren’t going to work, but my heart was too stubborn to listen and convinced me to go through with it. I so desperately wanted a “happily ever after family.” I wanted my son to grow up with both of his parents living under the same … Continue reading


A wise man once said, “We can complain that rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” This wise man happened to be an amazing leader of our country during a time when our country was falling apart. Abraham Lincoln had plenty he could complain about. Leading a country that was at war with each other would be daunting for anyone, but he led with grace and chose to see the beauty rather than the destruction. As single parents it is easy to complain. Raising a child alone is tough. Being divorced is a constant challenge. Your … Continue reading

Stuck in a Bind

It’s the week of finals, so when my son woke up with a high fever last night I was more than a little worried about what the following day would bring. I gave him some medicine and comforted him as best I could until he fell asleep again. We made it through the night only to find that the fever had not subsided this morning. Most daycares are sticklers when it comes to caring for sick children, and for good reason. They can’t have all the other kids getting sick, and our daycare is no exception. Normally I would take … Continue reading

Battling Self-Esteem Issues

Getting divorced can take a real toll on your self-esteem. When the person you’ve devoted your entire life to decides they don’t want to be with you anymore it hurts. At times the rejection can be almost unbearable. Low self-esteem haunts most of us from time to time, but it tends to be significantly worse after such a huge life-changing event. After my divorce I felt like I was a teenager again. I was insecure about every aspect of my entire being. I felt like everyone was judging me for what I was going through, like somehow it was my … Continue reading

A Little Company

About a month before my parents got divorced our family got a puppy. We adored him and he quickly became part of the family. We still recall many stories about him running into doors and forgetting which leg to put up when he was marking his territory. He had a sweet little personality and always knew when something was wrong. He was able to provide comfort during that particularly difficult time during the divorce and many times thereafter. We have many fond memories of him and miss him a lot. At first he went with us during visitation, but before … Continue reading