Skyping the Prayer

Through my posts, I guess people will learn more about me and my family. We are a fun group. My Mom is a convert to the Mormon church, and my Dad’s family joined when he was around 8 years old. I have a lot of members of my family that are not LDS. I grew up in Texas. I’m proud of that fact. But, I married a good old Utah boy and have family spread out all across the United States. I have grown to love Utah myself. We just recently moved back after being away about 5 years, and I really did miss it. I have surprised myself even at how much I missed the Beehive State! Yes, I even missed the snow.

But, there are some disadvantages to moving back here. I now have family all over. I have family in about 4 different states in fact. I had to move away from my parents. This was hard on all of us. We had the fortune of living by them for 2 years, and they helped us out so much with our little ones. You can never beat free babysitting! My kids grew to really love their grandparents, and it was hard on all of us. My four-year-old still tells me all the time how she misses where we used to live.

Recently however, we have enjoyed the wonderful world of Skype! My youngest who is only about a year and a half, loves it. He just lights up when he gets to talk to his grandparents on the computer. It is the highlight of our day when we get to do that. This is one reason why I love modern technology.

The other night while we were getting dinner on the table, we were skyping with my Mom. The kids were already seated in their seats at one end, and my Mom was sitting on the table (inside the laptop of course) just talking to us while we were making final preparations. As we all sat down, my husband jokingly said to my Mom, “Do you want to say the prayer?” We all kind of laughed at first, and then we all said, “Wait! Why not?”

So, my Mom was sitting at the head of the table in a computer, and said the blessing on our food. The kids were reverent, and listened, and bowed their heads. It was actually very cool! In the church, we hear warnings all the time about the Internet, and the dangers of it, but it’s at times like that, when we can realize what a wonderful tool it is at the same time. I told my Mom that the next thing we need to do is have Family Home Evening together through the computer. Now, that would be cool.

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