Snow Day Part I

The day was planned.  My husband and two of his colleagues were carpooling seventy minutes to one of their company’s retreat houses (a program to help those with substance abuse issues overcome their addictions) to work on training and curriculum development. After taking on a new position in the same company where he has worked for over a year, he spends less time out at the houses and more time working on bettering the program. I also had a busy day planned.  Breakfast at seven in the morning (obviously) so that we can eat with my husband before he goes to work and so that I can make an early trip to get our weekly groceries before I needed to be at work myself as a banquet server for a catering service.  My sister and I trade off a weekly luncheon and watch each other’s child(ren) while the other works the four hour event.

We awoke bright and early at six forty five that morning to find the outdoors covered in snow and consequently my husband’s car.  We made and ate breakfast.  Just as my husband was out cleaning of his snow covered car, he received a phone call from one of his colleagues.  The meetings at the houses were cancelled and the office (in town) is closed until noon due to the snow.  Instead, they were going to meet an hour later at a nearby coffee shop to get some work done.

Within a few minutes of my husband’s phone call, I received a phone call from the catering company letting me know that the luncheon event was cancelled because of the snow.

As my husband left for his newly planned day (meeting at coffee shop and work at the office), the children and I headed to the grocery store…

(To be continued…)