Snow Day Part III

In the midst of my phone conversation with my husband, our son noticed that his aunt (my sister), who lives next door in the other side of the duplex, was outside shoveling the driveway.  Since her work was canceled because of the snow too, I invited her to spend the day with us. While I started making the coffee ice cream base, my sister entertained my three year old and one year old by reading books and singing songs with them. So far they were really enjoying the snow day.

Soon enough my husband arrived at home with a work colleague.  After a brief introduction and some hugs for the little ones, they (the men) headed downstairs to the office to get some more work done on their curriculum development.  When it came time for lunch, I made paninis for everyone and even served “the men” downstairs so that they could continue working.  After lunch my daughter took her nap and my son and sister made snow less snowmen and I made hot cocoa (using the remainder of the homemade marshmallows).

A few hours later, knowing that it was a cold enough day and that the basement is significantly colder than the main level, I offered my husband and his colleague some hot tea and some brain food consisting of raw walnuts and almonds (meaning not roasted and oil and salt free).  I then took the opportunity to roast some peanuts (which do not taste very good raw) with coconut oil, sea salt, and cayenne pepper.  The snow day continued with reading, writing, game playing, movie watching, food eating, and dinner making.

Just before it started to get dark my sister and my husband’s co-worker called it  a day and went home.  As for my husband, two children, and I, we continued to enjoy our snow day with freshly baked  chocolate chip cookies and a big glass of milk!