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Snowing in Spring…Adjusting Our Frugal Plans

snowingIt is a few days past the official start of spring, and I am looking at a wintry wonderland just outside my window. The salt trucks and plows have been by, but they have to be diligent. Already the driveway and roads are covered with white.

Despite about three inches of snow on the ground already and more to come, schools are not closed today. There is no excessive wind, and we are used to snow.

The weather has been wrecking some havoc with our spring frugal plans. We can’t get started on our garden, and may lose out on the spring season. We are having to allow for additional oil in our budget, because of the cold temperatures. The kids are outgrowing their winter clothes, but we’ll have to deal with too-short snowsuits and sweaters that show the belly when they raise their arms above their heads for just a little while longer. Laundry will have to get hung inside in the basement for a few more weeks, it seems.

Instead of cleaning out the garage and making plans for a yard sale, we are donating household goods and catching up on free library books. With not much motivation to get out, we are doing less shopping and more repurposing. My husband has started a project of patching up the living room walls in anticipation of painting. He may wind up having enough time for the kitchen, too, before it is warm enough outside to actually start painting.

Still, there are ways to adjust, right? There is a large turkey defrosted in the refrigerator, and I will cook it up today. With the cold temperatures, we won’t mind the heat of the oven. With tomorrow’s spring outing to a botanical garden cancelled, I’ll have the time at home in the next two days to turn that turkey into a bunch of freezer meals, all while getting ready for the Easter Bunny. Luckily the eggs are  brightly colored that they will be easy to find in the snow.

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