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Solid Progress

Today my baby ate a quarter of an avocado. I was thrilled. Mainly because he needs some fattening up, but also because, I love avocados. And, they are super easy to travel with, too. I eat one pretty much every day, so it is also an easy food for me to share with him.

With my second child, avocados were our go-to food. He had lots of tummy issues, and I worked hard at trying to find foods he could tolerate. At first, he HATED the avocado. But, I would try to give him a tiny amount every day, and slowly, he started taking more. Now, he actually seems to like it! With this baby, I have taken a different approach to solids, and as we have trialed foods, it seems that we are having more successes than failures. That is encouraging considering where we were just a short 10 months ago.

Our list of safe foods for my little guy is growing. We have successfully passed wheat, pears, sweet potatoes, carrots, avocados, bananas, raspberries, apples, and blueberries. Just recently we passed rice. While, that may not seem like a big deal to your typical baby that eats rice cereal from the beginning, it is a big deal in our little family. My older son had major issues with rice, and rice is in a lot of foods. So, it is a difficult one to cut out, although it can be done.

A couple of days ago, I decided to let my baby have one of those food pouches (we call them fruit squeezers in our house) that are becoming wildly popular. Since my little guy recently started drinking out of a straw, I thought maybe it was time to test out the fruit squeezer and see how he did. He loves it! Not only is it a faster, easier way for him to get fruits and veggies, but he feels in control. He gets to hold something, and he is eating something his older brother and sister are eating too! Time to stock up.

I still feel frustrated by how slow we are progressing compared to lots of kids his age, but when I look at his list of safe foods, it seems like we have conquered a huge task. We still have no teeth, so we will have to keep working on that, but we are making progress, little by little.

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