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Something for Kids (and the rest of us): The Itche Kadoozy Show

Have you ever seen a talking gefilte fish who excels at board games and wears a carrot slice as a yarmulke? Or a newscaster struggling to get information from a giant grape? Rabbi Itche Kadoozy, his neighbor, Jono, and his pet gefite fish form the cast of the delightful “Itche Kadoozy Show” featured weekly on chabad.org. This program began as a series of skits showing the humorous adventures of Rabbi Itche Kadoozy and his wacky neighbor, Jono (you can find these earlier shows in the archives). There were editions for holidays and the “news” format began as documentaries, such as Jono visiting a matzah baking factory or following a masgiach (a rabbi who supervises kosher food) to a juice plant. For the past year, the show is a weekly “News” broadcast, with Jono, Rabbi Kadoozy and Gefilte fish reporting on the “current events” of the weekly parsha (Torah portion). This coverage has included Jono giving a hip-hop tribute to the Splitting of the Red Sea and the talking gefilte fish giving a “consciousness raising course” on how to be holy.

I discovered this show, created by David Taub and Jonathan Goorvitz, when it first appeared in Chanukah 2004, and have loved watching it every week with my son who is now 2 1/2 years old. As is typical of the best “children’s” entertainment, there are many sophisticated references to entertain adults as well as funny slapstick routines, lively songs and silly situations to amuse children. One viewer raised the issue that there might even be too many advanced references and words for children, but I don’t agree; Taub and Goorvitz are brilliant at keeping kids and their parents entertained at the same time. Although it appears in a weekly news format, the “Itche Kadoozy Show” is always evolving and integrating new and funny ways to keep kids interested and entertained. The “lessons” in the skits but do not come across as “hitting one over the head.” I love this show as much as my son, and heartily recommend it to anyone at any age!(some of the most devoted fans are singles!)