Special Tours at the Disney Parks

Special Tours at the Disney Parks | Families.com

The Disney Parks are just so big that it seems like there will never stop being things to learn about them. New features and attractions are added all of the time.  Today we’re going to take a look at one unique aspect of the park: tours.  Disney World offers all sorts of special year-round and seasonal tours, but it also has something called the VIP tour.

The VIP tour isn’t what it might immediately sound like: it’s not a special behind-the-scenes, comprehensive look at Disney World.  Instead, it’s a service that will transport you around the park to the attractions of your choosing.  Just what you get depends on what you pay: a basic VIP tour will drive you from ride to ride, but you’ll still have to wait in line for that ride.  Pay more, and you’ll get to use the VIP entrances, which get you on rides even faster than Fastpass.  If you have park hopper tickets you’ll get taken to all the parks of your choosing, but if you don’t, your experience will be limited to individual parks.

One thing all VIP tour-takers get, no matter the exact cost of their tour, is special seating for events.  That includes parades and some shows (both on stage and the big outdoor nighttime shows).  Your tour guide won’t remain mum throughout the day.  He or she is a Disney World expert and can offer insight about the park, from tips to insider stories.  The difference is just that the focus isn’t on those sorts of tips; it’s more of a knowledgeable transportation service.

For specific rates on VIP tours (and for booking), call (407) 560-4033.  No matter the package, however, don’t expect to pay much less than $275 for your VIP tour.  The question is: is the VIP tour worth it?  That really depends on what you want out of our Disney World experience.  If you go during off season and plan right you can get yourself around to a bunch of rides without such an added expense.  If you have the time and money to spare, however, it’d be a nice, relaxed way to explore the parks.

Disneyland of course offers the same VIP experience.  There are plenty of other, more traditional tours available as well.  The one that looks the most interesting is the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour.  On that, you’ll learn about the personal touches Walt himself put into his first theme park, all about the history of Disneyland, and will even get a peek at Walt’s Town Square apartment.

Other tours include “Cultivating The Magic,” which focuses on horticulture at Disneyland, “Welcome to Disneyland Resort,” which tells you everything you need to know about the Anaheim park, “Discover the Magic,” which is an interactive, puzzle-based tour, and seasonal tours “Disney’s Happiest Haunts” and “Holiday Magic at Disneyland.”

Tours are great additional experiences at the parks for any Disney buffs.  To find more information on tours at Disney World go here, or head to this site for Disneyland.


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